Saturday, October 20, 2001

I am Amazed!

when i had that dream where the voice says that "I am wrong about my death-to-come", i Prayed to Spirit
to see if this dream was true or not and how was it so?!

over the last few days Intuitive answers come.....!!

In early 1998, i began to have a series of dreams that were clearly of a "death prepartory" nature!
not some "a spirit just saying so"...but real Heavy Duty Counsuls from Guides, apparently.
"late 1998".....seemed to be about the Time.

One evening, i had a STERN warningdream!
"your life force has run out, Freestone"......this Voice says. I knew enough about "life forces' to know that this was not having to do with vitamens or health: this had to do with the "allotted time" life force of the Incarnation.

the next morning...i took a long prayer walk out into the countryside, from my small hometown: on the way back i passed an aquantance's house; he had a bycycle out on the front lawn with a sign on it.
"FREE"------was the sign.
[my name is "freestone"...somehow i knew that this bike represented ME, in some way.] my friend came out and i asked him about that "good looking bycyvcle, how come you give it away as i looks very ok---a ten speed bike for free?!!"
he says..."it LOOKS ok! but i betcha you cannont get it around the block as the brakes are shot, the shift is ruined, the gears are bad, its life is over"!!


a few days later i came down with a cold.
then it went to my lungs. then it went to pnumonia!
Hooray for Modern medicine and the Vet hospital and Antibiotics!
after i got cured, i had another Big Dream. A GUIDE tells me that my life was helpfull to some of my relatives and that "You, Freestone, will be in prison in the future: don't worry, it will not be for long"!!!
when i awoke, i was Concerned, for me to be in jail would be utterly awfull: then the memory of that song..."oh Lord, relase me please from the Prison of the FLESH".....came to me. this prison dream was telling me that i would LIVE and not die, yet, for awhile!

I have lived beyond the "end", beyond the end of my life: perhaps as the world has been given a kind of "INDIAN SUMMER" of an extension, of grace....from earthchanges, perhaps i have been too!
thus perhaps ALL my death dreams that i am now having, if i believed them, they would go on for years and years if i lived that long as i have lived AFTER the end, thus those death dreams would always occur to me as that event is the NEXT big event in my life, whether it is a year away or ten years away or twenty years away!! In other words, the only mission that is "on my lifeQuest book, is to die and go that was suppossed to have already happened. thus all my dreams would refer to this as a "future immanent event"----whether in 5 years or 30!
A great relief, yes, but this ALSO means that there are no more Life Missions, nothing more to do!!
gotta think about this one!!
Here i am now upon the stage after the play has ended, my Final Line spoken and my final actions done.
the curtain has jammed, it cannot shut. the Prompter whispers that...."there is an hour left before you can leave that stage"! when i refer to the script-book, the last words on the last page hast been uttered: i have to throw that book away---useless.
no Guidance? do i utter "anything"---[hear the gasps of the Audience now!!]
even THAT!
stay tuned folks...........