Tuesday, October 02, 2001

I am amazed at those papers! It goes on and on and on: the "duracell bunny" lives....the WTC articles.
most of every paper, now, is filled with the aftereffects: America IS in collective Mourning!
I can well imagine how all of this "mourning" can create a huge collective thought-form of feeling charged soul-filled images. A mountain of this, a large large "stone dropped into the Waters, the ripples go out and out and out"....

out backwards in time.

psychics and sensitives may well pick it up, years ago: psychic hobbiests could well research people's
recorded dreams from even up to 100 years ago to see how the backwards-in-time ripples create, perhaps, dreams of premonition of the WTC!

I once live in a student filled college town where a serial killer killed five students. 1990.
a month later, i had a dream. I was in a room filled with a dozen people and someone told me they all knew who was this killer that the police had yet to find.
"timothey McVeigh" was the killer's name.
months later they found the man and he had a name quite unlike that name.
years later there was that Oklahoma Bombing...and WHO was the man??!
what was the year?
1995?.....it was years later after 1990.
that shock wave of that 250-odd victim bombing, went back and "corrupted" the seeing of the
serial killer event of 1990! that ripple overwhelmed it.
[probably THAT was set up in advance too...the Oklahoma bombing!]

NOW i can see why my dreams had spoken to me that i "am" to die within a year!!
as of 1920 or 1930, or so, before i was born and while i was with my Angelic counselors, a-setting up my life-to-come, upon the earth: the probablility of a major major WWIII must have been very great!
But in the 40 or so years since 1940, the awareness of us all may now be higher, so higher that this war may not occur. Thus, now, I may be like that violin soloist, at the receital, that had a "five minute solo" alotted to him, and after he finishes it, he find that there is three more minutes that he has upon the stage: NOW WHAT? all of his music has been played. does he stand there mute? Improvise? run off the stage?
I may live. after all. a living testamony to our "raised counsciouness" of the last 60 years.
or maybe not!! the war may yet occur. or the Lord may choose to end the Drama via the "earthchanges"!
or give to me my own personal Rapture: a heart attack or accident!

I, if i live, may go back to my hometown of 600 people. or maybe not: stay tuned. even if i do and i do not have a computer, i will try to get to a public library once in a while just to keep this weblog alive!
i have maybe nine months to Choose...or to find out what Spirit has in store for me....probably by June of 2002, i will Know!
----and that is one of the purposes of having a journal!