Wednesday, October 03, 2001

here is a letter that i just wrote to blogger's pyra group.

yes i thank you all....Ev and others: now my weblog is working ok.

ya know, with that bankrupty of the service provider
and the problem of the slow net ecomony, i fear for blogger's life sometimes!
would be ashame to see it die some day!
blogger just can not die!
it is the real internet, the internet that is not commercial and all graphicated up with promos and hype! this is like the very beginnings of the net where there were bullitan boards where people would post their stuff into!
thousands and thousands of weblogs, real people and real pain and real-er joy: all shared and all read.

look at what the logs did with the world trade center!
the real news. the inside news, the news from people who were there in it and survived! even the afterlife victim's ascent to heaven is detailed in one weblog [mine]!!
news you cannot get on CNN or even the tv. or papers.
the communicated sharings and healings...are so important to the writers and the readers.
so if someday there are few providers of service, i would hope and pray that some company with deep pockets wants to do a real good public service and keep you all ALIVE!
if there is a REAL depression or a real WAR...the survival of the weblogs will be even the more more important!

--you may print and quote this in any column that you all want to....freestone f wilson