Wednesday, October 31, 2001

---a great life realization!

yesterday there was this here incident in the library! where i sit, at a computer, there is a counseling desk about ten feet away where a wonderfull old soul lady sits and counsels students about their career choices and fsu school enrollments for the next semester. she is a very old soul, thus she attracts people to her who are "psychic' and old soul and very spiritual!
there was this man sitting there with her yesterday. i sat and listened, out of the corner of my ear, as i did some computer stuff. Here seemed to be a *very* old soul who talked of fasts and fasting and how he fasts maybe 5 days a week and how he Knows that he is to lighten his load and become very "etheric' and light and "nearly float away".
as if...fruit for food would be extreeeemly heavy stuff to eat: sunlight and air would be the food of choice!

this bothered me, put my teeth on edge, a bit! always does, when a person with a very spiritual tone to his voice, talks of "ascention...lightness...fastings...spiritual detactment to all things....etc..etc", in the new Age way, of today's people on the Path: this guy wa about a" 98 out of 100", on the extreme of this!
bothered me, as i Know and am TOLD to not to fast or to become a vegan.....i eat meat and like the world! in fact, i learn that i really OUGHT to eat nothing BUT meat, ideally, but i do like other foods too!! as if my eating fruit and vegtables was a weakness: i ought to eat 100% meat!!
as if i am 101% out of phase with these people!


he...and his kind, are getting ready to leave not only the earth, but to bypass [or to quickly shoot through]
even the lower heavens and to go to nearly directly to...the Celestial heavens where the Christ spirit LIVES, and not to just visit, like onto the lower levels of the afterlife realms.
i think of the heavens as like a 7-floor building where the earth is on the first floor...yes there are basement levels too! these new agers are NOT going to level 2 or even 3, after they die: they are going maybe, say, to level 4 or 5 or even 6....after they die, or very quickly to there! AND----they may never re-incarnate to earth ever again: thislife is their last incarnation here upon the earth.
thus this last life is in doing a GREAT fasting, in every way possible, to really get ready to go to live in very very high levels after they die, for keeps!

now i know why these guys bother me so!
i am NOT going to the places that they are going to, after i die!
i was shown, even 35 years ago, and in most of my dreams since, that i will go to a certain Calling, after i die.
in all the lower levels and in the "basement" below the earth-level, there are, of course, all of the low level souls and the "ordinary" people, in levels, say, 2...3...4, in this building floor analogy of the heavens.
ordinary people: like the laborors who stand in front of their construction site, after work, with that can of beer in their hands. the homeless....the lawyer who has not a bit of spiritual life in his heart....the Young souls who make up 60%---plus, of the people of the world.
in these lower levels are healing centers and centers to help these young souls Progress, eventually, to upper levels or to re-incarnate back to earth: some...many...of these souls can only really live and function IN an earth-vibration, heaven is REALLY a "foreign land" to them, thus they want to immediately reincarnate back to the earth, after death.
these places of Progressions, obviously need many many helper-souls, why many of these "patients' may need a "one-on-one" counselor where this counselor lives with this soul for a hundred heavenly years, to be a guide for him! many many souls are needed: the need is great and many are needed!
they work FOR the Christ, under Him. we, here on earth, may well call these souls who counsel..."angels"!
thus...i have been Told that this will be my calling: Sai baba himself came to me about five years ago and asked me
"freestone: do you want to help me work with millions of souls for over a million years?"!! my dec 4th 2000 dream of what my heaven will be like: i was shown that i will live *right* at the very very border between this low entry-to-heaven land and the earth-sphere! I have seen this place by the gate, before...very very DARK: all the souls are depressed and in darkness!

so this is why i eat meat and NEED to eat more meat and to really get down to material reality, really get "physical" even the MORE!! i am going in the OPPOSITE direction than this new ager that i wrote of in the beginning of my letter!!
i need to think in images, of things of material that i can talk the language of the young soul!
Thus...i have to be a Young Soul in nearly every way but the very very center of my heart so that i can bond with them after death and we can have a Connection so that i can relate to these young souls!
that is the counseling trouble of today: counselors who talk so high-aflutingly academicly above the people who they counsel so that it all just passess over them. so i gotta think in pictures and think in earthly pictures so that I-and-"client" can actually be nearly on the same plane.
too...i will live a LOT, after death, in places far far BELOW the earth vibration...where "roast beef" and "steak", for food...would be lighter in vibration than anything else that is there on those planes!

so i "wave a salute" to these fasting people and wish them well; i will see them in ten million years, maybe...but i will remain below for eons and eons...helping the Christ progress young souls....