Friday, October 26, 2001


interesting out of body dream last night!

the dream begins.
i am at someone's home in some city. seems that there are about four or five men and as many women present. several are wearing white robes with a middle-eastern "hat" on their heads. the dream feels like a spirit-visit dream to a astral-counterpart to an earthly home or apartment somewheres in the usa. they want me to do something....we talk of this something. one of them opens a book and says...this SA RA will give to me an indication as to whether you will go or not!
[to me feels like a middle eastern Muslim oricle-scroll of some sort].


---the next scene.
i am now in some astral counterpart of a parklike field. there are trees and grass, but i see that this area of the world is dry and rainless for much of the year. off in the distance i see water and a city on the other side, a city with low middle eastern buildings.
"they"...those who seemed to have brought me here, they want me to acconpany a meeting of men on a boat. but as i go to this boat i see that it is not on the water, but on a canal that is almost as narrow as the boat and this canal is CIRCULAR...and the boat is pulled by a chain around and around this circle.
i meet the men: then they talk while i stand by. four or five or two are white-american and the middle eastern leader calls himself "the Prince"
[capital P for prince...not small letter.]
a Prince or THE prince of a place called "Suadi" ...and "arabia".
the two leaders get down to business. they talk of "oil" and "water" . the american asks about how the govenment in Arabia is dealing with the Poor and the socially disadvantaged. the Prince hedges a bit and then talks of "Allah's grace!
the meeting goes on and on, the boat circles and circles.
moving boat and sound of water...really masks voices and moving targets are hard to hit!!]

then we all take a ride on another boat, across the water and then the boat turns into a car and runs across a big empty parking lot in front of a large govenment building....[astral travel...the boat/car enables] i can well see that the air is sand hazy and the vegetation speaks of "semi-desert. we travel to an island where the rich have cottages...

then there is a "Flashback memory" to when i was near the prince and on the counference boat too. seems i stood near him with a long stick or pole-sword! occasionally, a flash of light would appear near the prince: i could see that these flashes of light were other spirits who came to crash the party and to add their input to the meeting! my JOB, apparently, was to hit them with that stick and they would go back to where they came from. i must have Volunteered to Spirit for this: my part-earth and part-spirit body would be good for this!

then there was a last dream fragment where i ate dinner at that house in the city where i began the dream. there was exotic eastern food and everyone was happy and laughing and smiling...
end of dream.