Saturday, October 13, 2001

another visit to the Spirit lands last night in my dreams!

I went to Somewhere. tis a place i often go to and it seems to have some vibrational association with "southern Illinois" as i lived there once. tis the same place each time i visit, out of body.
last night i went "running" along a road, flying, actually, flying about head-height, along a road. at least one other person was running with me.
[i read that is one form of travel in the of a very fast running at six feet off the ground]
i went to a settlement of people where they all were going to DO something. the field next to this village was open to the sky, Hawks of immense size were in the air, off to the distance....there was a feeling of "space" in the air..."electric peace"...a feeling of expectancy.
all of the people, i knew not whether they ALL were residents or not: i feel that many were also "night visitors", like of me!......all of the people gathered at the base of a small hill, in the field, the field that reached to the horizon, and they got ready for to do something.

[now i have read and seen pictures of this which is to come. i knew that in heaven there were these: but this is the first time that i can REMEMBER being in one; i have been in them before, but this one event is the most vivid, of late.!]

all the people gathered in a ring about 80 feet in diameter, there were sometimes three or four people deep behind some people: a ring utterly open in the center, all holding hands and getting ready for some Sing or Ritual of some sort. Interesting....i stood very very close to being behind someone, as if i almost WERE that person! the event began: i immediately woke up!!

this happens a lot, the waking up JUST as the event begins. i have my suspicians as to why i woke up in this ring-sing. has to do with me being practically on the back of this large middle-aged lady, in front of me!
my guess: that i was a "bridge"! I BROUGHT, in some manner, this lady from her sleep, a "fetcher" of a soul i was, so that SHE could experience this sing-festival! Spirit used me to fetch her to this event, as i have seen this process before, with me: in this case the lady was almost able to do it on her own and my counsciouness added to hers made it possible for her to be there. once she was there, i was not needed anymore. but why was i not also there to enjoy it??
because if i were, it would not BE her experience!! my counsciousness was SO blended with hers that
her own experience would be overwrote by my presence! be like getting a cup of coffee to get ya up in the morning: but if you drank ten cups of that coffee per hour from then on, that coffee would "arc out"
your day! color it!
my presence AS her, at the sing, would end up adding my ego-loops to her subcounsciousness and COLOR her experience!
this is why i ferry many many many people to see Sai baba and masters and events like this: but never never get to experience even ONE of them, in my memories of over 100 such events!
Tis a "spiritual honor" to be a Enfranchised Ferryman: not my Calling to be there for it! i have 1,000,000+
years, soon enough, to go to any one of these that i want to: NOW, here on earth, my WORK must be done!
[I seem to dwell on this point a lot in this post: but i only saw this AS i was writing it out! now i know why i never never see that Master or sing with the people! this is why people keep journals: to help them think out what has happened to them in that day's entry. thus my weblog helps me almost more than as it would communicate to someone of my experiences!]

now i sense a meaning of that word..."Spiritual SACRIFICE"! or...what is meant by the word,"sacrifice"
not merely giving of money or time to someone or something, giving up food or i would sacrifice any experiencing of the events that i help Spirit fetching, carrying, souls-from-their-sleep, to.
my role would be to add my awareness to "prime their pumps" like of a cup of coffee so that they are
awake IN their dreams, at the event, so that they can begin to experience it: then i leave....the sacrifice is where i leave so that this experience will be THEIRS, not both of us together where some of my value-system judgements do not bleed into the fetched person's awareness and COLOR their experience with my subcounscious "stuff"! thus by leaving, i give to them their own experience! I defer experiencing such "spiritual celebrations" until after i die, or even far far later, as my Role may still be needed even after i arrive and live there...fetching souls from earth! may be far far up in the levels of heaven before i ever get to do one of these FOR ME!
like that man of the Movie..."the last picture show"...where he enables all of the young kids to go off to the big cities to Do their Dreams: but he himself will never never leave the town, and will die there of old age!