Wednesday, October 03, 2001


---the other day in the paper there was an advertisement that pushed me over the edge!
it said, more or less....covering the whole sheet of one side of the doublepage paper!

"Do a Patriotic act for your country!
buy your car at zero percent interest at ......Dealership"!

on the radio i even can sense that the very tone of the car-ads have become even the keener, even the more strident.
the sound of claws of rats that are on the outside of the upsidedown hull of the sinking ship as this ship begins to slip beneath the waves even the more faster!

they are linking the very economic salvation our our country to PURCHASE...consume consume!

but i suppose this is a healthy thing; cutting of the drug supply to the Addict!
why if this here boom were to have continued for another ten years, the cars will all be built upon bus bodies, 30 feet long, and the new-built house will each be an acre in size.

native american saying: "white man build fire ten feet high, and they stand twenty feet back from it...we build a fire six inches high and get right up next to it...we are just as warm"!!

sea change.
I saw a sea change, about ten years ago...
in the 1960s, and before, why there were books that had titles like..."make your car last 200,000 miles".
my sea change seeing, was on one fine day, from a window of a tallahassee coffee shop, i noted that in the parking lot that there was not a single old car, not a single car of character from ten years before!
From then on...1990 or so...the only old cars that i see is maybe a restored Beetle: even the very very poor people have that brand new car. "easy credit" i guess, in in age where no one can even now repair a car even if he wanted to!
new clothes too!
only the homeless have no car and raggy clothes.

Something Is Very very Wrong! does not take a "prophet" to see the handwriting on the wall, for to see "something is gonna happen"!

why this terrible terrible IRONY of my idea, here, is....that if someone were to actually suggest that, in our Hour of Mournings"...that we all should just stay home for Christmas and have a quiet celebration with gift-exchanges of nothing that is BOUGHT with $$$$---and this idea were to become popular so that everyone in our country would do it, for this year's holiday season: this would do far far far more damage
to our national economy than TWENTY more terrorist attacks could ever do, as 60 to 80 percent of our economy is xmas-driven! Healing the patient may very well kill him!!
how horrible!
as if our very national health depends upon our Comsumpson ethic, our great materialism!
that if we all stop comsuming, there will be a Great Depression where no one will work and no one will even be able to buy food! Grey days of streets full of homeless people at breadlines....all of us!!