Wednesday, September 26, 2001

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there was this here article, an article that says it all ,to me, about many things involved with the WTC!
so i put it here.

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The following report from a channeler seems entirely consistent with many
other accounts that deal with the classic after-death experience -- for
example, as reported by Dannion Brinkley in his extraordinary book "Saved
by the Light." Brinkley had been a US Marine demolition expert and
assassin before being struck by lightning and pronounced clinically dead.
After his eventual recovery he reported that his "life review" included his
experiencing the actual agony of each of his victims -- and the grief of their
closest relatives. The report below is a similar account of the after-death
experiences of one of the WTC hijackers.

From: Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2001 8:39 PM

Subject: * Channeled Communication with a Hijacker

Dear Friends,

I am a channel, and I channel the teachings of just one wise spirit being, by
my choice. Last night as I was lying in bed the thought occurred to me that
perhaps I could get in touch with one of the hijackers of the planes that flew
the horrendous missions on September 11th that caused so much
destruction and loss of innocent life. My thought was that perhaps I could
get information concerning who was behind the plot to do these heinous
acts. So I went into my relaxed detached state of mind that is conductive to
channeling with the intention of attempting that contact.

A presence came into my awareness. I knew that he was a hijacker. He
said that his name is Ahmed Amani (or something similar to that). He told
me he is in a very dark place. He said that he had expected to go to a
wonderful great celebration as a hero, but that was not what he has

I asked if there were other people or souls around. He said that there were
but that he was not able to make contact with any of them and that this
contact with me was the first he had been able to make with anyone. He
was not sure about whether the souls were aware of his presence and were
shunning him or whether they really could not see him and did not know that
he was there.

I asked him to describe the place he was in and he said it is very black and
completely colorless. There are gray shadowy forms that he can see and
sense. I asked if there was light anywhere (since I have read that lost souls
can move toward the light) and he said that there was none and he had
looked for light in all directions. I asked if he was outside and could see
stars or anything like that and he said that there were none and it was not
like being outside.

Then I understood and he discussed with me that he was having to undergo
the experience of the death and agony of every person that had been
affected by the actions and decisions that he had made. He said that the
events that began on September 11th still exist in what we know of as past
time and that he is required to go back into "earthly time" and experience
first hand, for each person individually, their death and/or agony, fear,
physical pain, etc. as though it were happening to himself. Not only that,
but he also must experience in the same way the grief and pain of everyone
who is a loved one of the people that died or were injured. This has been
communicated to him and it has begun. I asked him how many deaths he
has thus far experienced and he said just two and that it would take the
equivalent of many lifetimes to experience all that is ahead of him. He said it
is taking so long because the pain and grief of the families and others
connected to just these two individuals is so intense and it is ongoing, so he
cannot move on quickly.

I asked about his family and loved ones and if they understood what he is
going through. He told me that he had found that they were unable to do so
be cause they held the belief that he was a hero and that he was being
celebrated and that the truth could not penetrate through their beliefs.

I asked if there was any message he wanted me to take back to the world.
He said that he had been lied to and that he had wanted to believe the lies.
He said that to those who might be plotting or intending to do similar acts,
that he wanted them to realize that they are being lied to and that they will
not be celebrated as heroes as they have told to believe.

He also said that not only would he have to experience these deaths and
pain but that all those who assisted and plotted these acts would also. Even
those who were not a part of the plot but who celebrated the events that
caused all this misery for innocent people would be experiencing many of
the same things.

Except for when he talked about those that lied to him (and he felt or knew
that some had knowingly done so to advance their own purposes) his air
was one of resignation and disheartenment. I realized that I felt very sorry
for what he would have to go through and the realization that was dawning
on him, but that it was what he needed to experience to learn from.

I believe that he had the insight that this was not punishment per se, but
that it was a consequence of needing to learn the human consequences of
what he had done.

I left him and pondered this for a time and finally went to sleep. My
husband awoke me and said that I was having a bad dream. I realized that
I was still with Ahmed and experiencing my body being crushed as one of
his victims must have experienced. I didn't feel pain but much anguish and
terror and I must have been screaming for my husband to hear. Once
awake I realized that the door to that world had to be closed for me at least
for the time being so that I could get some sleep.

This morning more insights poured in during my meditations. I realized that
each of us is responsible for what we do and support, and that if we
support the injury and killing of innocent people, or celebrate such an event
that we are also going to have to experience the grief that it causes. This is
not just a lesson for terrorists but for any who support and applaud even
official actions that harm innocent people.

I asked what the solution might be. The answer came. It is time that we
realize who and what we are. We are not individuals separate from each
other, as the illusion appears to us. We are a part of a single conscious
organism and when we injure any part of that organism we literally are
injuring ourselves. This is the meaning of the Golden Rule.

The Bible says that God claims "Vengeance is mine". The meaning of this is
not that we are free to retaliate blindly when harm is done to us. Nor is it
that there is a terrible avenging and punishing God. Its meaning is that the
best way for us to learn is through direct experience. We must be able to
experience the consequences of our thoughts and actions in order to
understand what and who we are, and the implications of our actions. Thus
we suffer the suffering that we inflict on others.

We are One. This Oneness is a literal reality. We are being given the
choice to see and know this right now, so that we can avoid enormous
amounts of suffering. To see it and teach this to the world in this time of
great grief is the most marvelous legacy that could come out of the horrific
acts that have immersed the globe in sorrow.

God is love and desires for us to see our Oneness and thus to heal mankind.

In love and light,

Nancy X. Sharpnack