Friday, September 07, 2001

they did it again!

my 7;30 am coffee shop was closed, no one came to open it! Fred, the owner, has students who open for him, one guy comes in at 6 and the others come maybe at 6:30.
but no one came at all! later, at 8, as i left the other coffee shop, i saw the owner himself there with one other guy; the other three or four had not yet come.

this coffee shop supplies Major carryout orders of breakfast plates, $40+ plates, of maybe a hundred bits of cookies, bagels, the State capital people, the house, the senate, the Courts, and all of the Orbiting planets of lawyers and ajencies and lobby people that orbit around the "sun" called "a state capital government complex"

A secret i learned in college is that thursday IS party night, not friday, not saturday: there was a major party and Attendance Required or you lose your Social Life and Connections to the college-version of the human race! up till 5 am or even later and utterly utterly WASTED!

I devote a whole morning's rant on this as this event is a very very good example, to me, of something utterly profound! here this cafe is a major carryout-caterer for all of the lawyers and state people, why on friday 8 am they will all want dozens of these platters.


when a stone is dropped into the pond, the ripples go out and out and out. when these kids choose to do this, stay out, do not open, why they affect the lives of A THOUSAND OR MORE PEOPLE!!
all those govenment people and lawyers in a bad mood, clerks at windows extra-surly, extra crabby!
why i can Imagine how a Court jury decision is to be made at 9 am about how yesterday's guilty ruling, upon a criminal, is to have the sentencing set: how long will the sentence be for him? This guy could have 4 years...6 years...or even 10 years in prison; the jury decides the sentence-length at 9 am. now at 9 am, no Platter, not even coffee!!
the judge, the jury....are all angry and upset...ya KNOW how a little thing will sit with ya all day long!!
so the jury gives to him 8 years in the pen! they would have given him maybe 5 years if they were in a better mood!
so. his wife wearies of his incarceration, she could have stood 5 but not 8 years: she goes ahead and files for three kids have no family when he gets out and he, himself, has no family to come back to, thus he soon gets into even more trouble...he kills someone, in a further crime episode!!

the three kids who chose to party have now BLOOD on their hands!! three divorced kids, a ruined marrage, and now MURDER! they are connected to *each* person who was touched by their not-coming-in, and that connection is an iron bond, in heaven's light and they will have to work with and live with the wife, the three kids, the husband feleon, the victum of murder, and all of the officals who took part in the arrests and sentencings...
Let alone the 1000 people who were upset by "no coffee or bagals"...just think of how many embittered
gasbill people there were this morning as they stood in line at the Counter to pay their utility bills and the counter lady was *real* rude to them she tells everyone..."whadya expect; i did not have my morning coffee from fred's"!!

hopefully, these party kids will mature: i am NOT against party and partyings...but i see, in this little incident, just how the mechanics of how we all are interconnected and what anyone of us does, affects everyone around us: the dropped pebble in the pond sends ripples out and out and out! one person affects four and four people affect ten and on and on......

In the light of my afterlife visits, i can SEE how these "touchings" are like "astral spotwelds", like of two spiderweb strands that touch and become so glued to each other that they are one, at that touch-point.
thus every "player" in a web of these "touchings" is connected and after they all die, that connection practically sets the whole heaven experience to come, for them. "ah" you say..."how can it be that if one of these partyers had affected the lives of 10,000 people, over years of time-cascading influences: [the three kids, divorced parents, father in prison....they themselves become "delinquents" and ruin the days of a hundred or more people, over the years] how can it also be that if a person has to be WITH each and every one of these 10,000 souls, in heaven for one to ten "years" each, to help work out the could this party-person spend 80,000 years doing that?!!"

this part person will then KNOW what "infinity and eternity" means!! what is 80,000 years, against eternity: a moment, that is all!

One can learn from *any* little daily event, spiritual teachings. this is why i spent 700 words on this this little event shows to me just how one or three people's actions can affect 1000 people, directly and immediately! 1000+ people with a bad taste in their mouths...

and ya know.....
if in a week, there are hundreds of people who are so touhed, why there could well be "backwards feedback", to the partykids, even while they are alive here on earth, in the days and weeks to come!! the collective mindset and heartset, of all the unhappy people, could well loop backwards to affect the three kids who did not open!!

if i touch you, you are touching me!

thus if a person creates a lot of "negativity" in the people around him, over the years, the psychic field of all of these people will bleed back to him, even if he lives far far away in another city!! then after he dies, he will go live with all of these people that he "created", they will show back to him the state that he created IN them, while alive!! if a person, in heaven, is a "good soul" and there is only a BIT of negativity in him, but that one bit was caused by influence from this negativity-creator, when the negativity person meets this good soul in the afterlife, why the only "face" that is evident to this negativity person IS that negativity!! the rest of the soul is not seen! the goodness is invisible, only that negativity that was put there, on earth, by this guy's life-influence, is seen!

If i would not want to sit in a room of 50 people who are in a bad mood that is caused by me, i would not also want these 50 people to be out and around the city with this same me-caused-mood! even thought they are at a distance from me, there is NO distance with Spirit, thus the etheric/astral "nearness" is like they are in the same room, even if they are miles away: feedingback to me what i put out to them, with Interest returned, as even if the return-feed is weak, there are 50 feederbackers!!

----- even while alive, this is so!
If i make ten people happy, and they go off happy, and spend the day happy, why their psychic field of happiness will affect me from a distance! [every mothers knows the very very moment her child skins his/her knee, in gym class! no matter if the mother is miles away, she knows if her child is hurt!]
To go around with a pool of people, at a distance, who are upset DUE to my influence, is NOT good for one's psychic health...let alone for the soul-health!

---all this gotten from one small event, three college kids pary and not come in to open a coffee shop, in Tallahassee, three blocks from the state capital building!!