Wednesday, September 05, 2001

spent this 40 minute block just updating the profile in my homepage...THIS page!

i recall how management works....

the saying..."for every spiritual insight or experience of five minutes long, there is 55 minutes of work"!

if ya get ten more gallons of water, you gotta have that ten gallon bucket to put it in! THAT, to me, is the meaning of that Grail Cup!
this is the cup that holds the holy spirit and in ones own life it is all the soul-work that is needed to be able to hold that spiritual wine, in that cup of soul...
thus "management' nearly IS all there is to life!!
Proper Management, that that is the "walk in the woods", the path of life, where Spirit is the polestar for that Compass Oreintation! all of management of life should be centered around a spiritual life.

for i sense that the Puritans were right: that all of life IS "Prep"!--------preperation for heaven: only great mistake they made was that
they thought this could be done by saying "no"!
tis to say "yes"....i feel.....

now IF i can remember it, in my autistic scatterings, AND i have more time, i want to write about "celtic christianity" tomorrow!!