Tuesday, September 18, 2001

i await the other shoe to drop. even a slight flicker of the electric: is it some city burning somewhere??

there is a "newsgroup" on egroups.com...."earthchanges". someone there is a dedicated earthquake watcher, she goes to the site of the u s earthquake service and she posts all earthquakes that occur.
I was amazed and slightly puzzled by her listing about TEN earthquakes within the last few hours, all over the earth!! reminds me of that terse one-liner i saw on the front page of Yahoo.com, when i was 9 am-ly accessing my mail, on sept 11.
''plane hits world trade center"!

my own theory about the wtc event is that it could be a spirit-focus point for the beginning of the major End, that we all fear and dread: those two psychics that i wrote of both say the very very same thing!
they say that 60 to 80 percent of the earth's population will be gone in a year!
---AND they both say that the wars/politics/attacks AND the earthchanges of volcanoes/earthquakes/weather will be in tandum, will occur together and linked.

I asked on NDE, another egroups list...the question
"has any psychic foreseen this event?"

I got an answer, an answer that sobers me.
someone replied to the group that he had a powerfull vision in 1981 that listed all of the events
around the wtc event! there was even an insinuation that this would be the beginning of the end!
He took Flack, everytime that he told it...but now he has accepted the event of the "phoenix rising"....

I wonder.
do psychics see the actual earthly event or do they see the thought forms of people thinking about what might occur?! they look alike. a building expoding, seen on film, looks *just* like some
imagination of the building exploding that is being thought in someone's head! a hot dog vender, on the sidewalk, looking at the UN headquaters, could fear that it could be next and he think about it, creating a "mind movie" of a plane crashing into it: aha, a psychic in England Dreams and sees
his movie and just how does this psychic ever tell if he is seeing a movie or is he seeing a "real"
event that is to come?!! how many truck drivers tooling along on interstate 90, in their tedium, they imagine just what they would like to do with ben Laden if they caught him....how could a psychic ever separate their imaginations from what IS to occur?