Wednesday, September 12, 2001

should i make a statement about the trade center fire?

I suppose a statement IS required!

to me, very disturbing, personally!

Here i have had a number of Dreams that tell me that i will die within a year, probably much less than a year. if anyone has followed, here, my journal, you have noted several recent dreams of mine that give to me of the "other side is very close" dream, of about two weeks ago.

Oh, i have a lung Condition, but it is nowhere near life threatening! then i am 60, but i have no history of heart or stroke conditions.
Oh, i suppose Nile virus could take me out! maybe a car accident or a drive by shooting Could Do!


there is another way to Die. in "WW III" or "earthchanges"!!!

a tidal wave 400 feet high takes out tallahassee.
the nuclear radiation turns my in-bed-sleeping body to ash in .0003 seconds, at 50,000 degrees!
THIS is my personal slant upon this trade center Event!
the beginning of the end for *YOU*, reader!! Your death, your "rapture"!!
my death will only be one death amongst many many some apopcalptic end time scene...

I suspect the recession or even DE-pression, will shortly begin, too....the death of the good times: all apples rot, eventually!

Just WHAT spiritual symbol could be attributed to this, for america, i do not know: that world trade center had every single major WORLD corperation represented in it...

and the terrorists.....why all their Answers to all their questions have and will be answered by their Muslim stance! they have only ONE further problem: US!...the rest of the unbelieving world...
if they die for their cause, they win. if they blow up buildings, they win.
they see it as our problem....and that we all should live like the Afganistans, the whole world.
thus there IS no solution! they will break before bend....perfect ameggedion/apopilypse folder for to light the fires of the gas soaked world, with!
Tools of spirit, for to end the world with.

so my own-personal-death-to-come-very very soon, dreams....may not be only for me....

they may be for *YOU*!!

prepare for to go to places like my "appalachin mountain land", in spirit!