Sunday, September 30, 2001

A "runthrough" of someone who maybe died in the WTC!

well, folks, if anyone reads this......
I sometimes have a rather strange dream experience, where i use a person's images as if I WERE that person.
Last night, i "used" the images of someone who died, and followed his time AFTER he died!

--------dream begins....

I awake to the reality that I am under a huge pile of rubble. crushed, in fact: really really crushed!
I come awake and realize that i have been in a "half awake" state for some time now, after i have died. i know i am dead. I also know that it were, when i was only partially counscious, that some "messeges" were sent to me from somewhere.
these messeges told me that my earthly body was crushed to the point of looking like a pile of french fries, and that i "insisted" in trying to maintain a kind of contact with a pile of "meat-mush" that was my body and that i could somehow IMAGINE that i have a intact body and then leave that attachment to that pile of rotting meat.
I could breathe, even though i sensed that there was only solid rubble above my mouth---i dimly became aware that breathing was not anymore neccessary, now!
Alone. utterly alone. was this what the afterlife was like?! I am dead but i live: i cried out for someone to hear me even though my "lips" made no sound and that i have no lips to cry out with!
Then I noticed that off in the far left distance, in the blackness, was a ball or hole of light.
A woman in a white gown appeared, about a hundred feet away.....she said to me [ i could hear her ]
that..."we see you and we will get to you very shortly, you are NOT alone and you are dead but alive in spirit. you may later re-create your body-shape if you wish to; but you may also imagine your body to be a ball of light: best not to dwell upon the old body that is now only ruin, it being physical"'. You are loved and you are not alone and you will be able to come here with us to heaven"!

-----end of dream!

yes folks. maybe the wtc, one of the victims. maybe i was "used" as a healer, a rescuer of a soul, in that my counsciousness was ADDED to his in order to increase his enough so that he became more self-aware of his condition and to be able to ask for help from the Angel helpers, so that he too can join the wave of ascension, of the survivors, into the heaven made for them with the Christ. [ as one Seerer
had envisioned it, the group ascension; probably he saw ALL of them as if time was not, thus at all at once, but in earthly time, some ascend earlier than others and some need a bit of "aid"!]

in Spiritualism, it is called "rescue work", where i read that a living soul on earth, because he still lives: he can be a bridge for a early afterlife soul to become more aware as this newly dead is near the earthsphere yet and can be reached by the earthperson. thus becoming more aware, he can "self-examine" and realize he has died but still he lives and then to ask for help from the Angels who work for Spirit, just for this rescuing, from the Spirit side.
I have been used for this, before, this rescue work.
So I too, was part of the rescue efforts of the WTC! i humbly accept that. there may be more.....