Tuesday, September 04, 2001

rain all Labor day!

funny how this is.....

when i lived in southern Illinois for the three summers, there are the three three-day holidays each summer...Memorial day...july 4th...labor day. i spent 27 days of these holidays, there. [9 x 3]
It rained each and every one of them! all 27.

I still feel that the weather a place gets is connected to what is going on in that area. Holidays and collective "psychic states"
bring on certain weathers.

thus the weather in the sky has relation with the people under it!

same as the "biggie"-------the world outside of you skin, is related to your soul-state!

---ever try, when you are in a bookstore, to see a book on the shelf and then say to yourself...."in a few minutes i will return from the bathroom and i will remember where the book is, on the shelf, and i will pick it up then.....only to find that when you come back there is an empty space there like of a buck tooth! someone else has took the book!!


your intensity of counsciousness put a "spotlight" on the book and that energy made that book stand out more than the other books!
thus someone who would have passed it by, now notices it BECAUSE of your pin-lighting of it...and takes and buys it!