Friday, September 14, 2001


I had another talk with one of the two psychics, yesterday afternoon, the "spiritual one"!

He had already come to the same conclusion that I did----that the first psychic, who is more "political", has past lives from the middle east and early zealot christianity: thus coloring his Perceptions of the future!

"god will seek rightious judgemental revenge by putting a super-huricane over the east coast next week"
while this here weak tropical depression IS moving across florida now, and may be going over the sea east of there, soon, as he said it would...and may even develop into a storm off the carolinas, as he said it would....Both of us agreed that

God never Revenges!!

god does not do that, people do!
God is beyond "form"...beyond "revenge" or "rightious judgements"!!

all psychics see through a window pane, and the glass is NEVER clear, as it can never be! the window pane of perception or transmission from guides is the "pysical body/soul on earth" that is the incarnated psychic. because it IS of the earth, the window pane is always always colored by the life and soul, of the psychic!
he colors what he sees, by his life experiences.

as we all do.
our whole world perception and judgement of our perceptions, are colored. thus if a psychic has had many many Native american Indian past lives, his whole bias of perception is colored by that...the shaman symbol system...the way of life...etc..etc...
Even one own intuitive connections from Spirit, can often be colored by one's own life expereicences...

as a guide said...."a Guide, when speaking through a medium, he must speak using the medium's own language sytem"! thus even a guide's direct voice, through a speaking medium, is not "pure" is colored by what is IN the medium's own language AND value system...

thus any prophet or psychic, giving out info on the trade center....will have colored information: judge