Friday, September 14, 2001

"pancake effect"....that is the engineer term that they use to describe how the 7 or so floors of the lower trade building collapsed. one floor falls onto the lower one and they both fall onto a third floor, the weight causes both to have the third one fall...etc..etc...a cascading action like the falling of a row of DOMINOES!

----this is the effect that i see on the US!

one building disrupts so so many plans, even way out to a small town in the midwest. air travel...meetings...on and on...

reall really brings one up to sense one's MORTALITY!!
at any moment your day can change, at any moment all those well-laid plans are gone gone gone.

but ya gotta plan!!
if ya did not, why you would not even get out of bed!! gotta put the carrot in front of that donkey.....

maybe one should life *LIKE* you just come from your doctor's office with the x-ray copy of the photo in your hand, the x-ray that shows that brain tumor and you know the doc told you that you have SIX MONTHS TO LIVE!


--make peace with your relatives that you do not get along with, try to Forgive them?
---dance your last dance, do it now?
---let go of attachments.
---make peace with your self and the lord?
---try to get more Love into your soul...Truth and goodness too! ...?
--take a few alone walks on the alone country road?
---say "yes"!
--say "no"!
---try to understand that the tomstone is not a dead is a DOOR!
------or all of the above!