Thursday, September 13, 2001


over the course of two days, i have talked and listened to two psychics talk about their visions as to "what will be next" for the world!

Interesting; i go often to the University library and i sit in a quiet area near a desk manned by a lady who counsels students. i just found out that she is a psychic and has had many spirit-given paintings and articles.
she has two friends of hers that are "real" psychics...the "card carrying kind" . one gives past life and
aura readings and also channels Angels and even Archangels! her other friend is more of a "political" psychic who sees directly in semi-trance, more of the political changes in the countries of the world.

two distinct flavors of Seeings!!

do ya REALLY want to know what they saw???!

[this is from memory; well tinctured by my own interpetations, from my memory as to what they said....also
i do not neccessaryily agree with anything that they say: i would hope that i give to you, reader, what they said...
in a noisy student filled library, the soft-spoken "spiritual" psychic was heard for me to understand...thus i dispair at 100% accuracy as to WHAT they said...bear this in mind!!]

------psychic "A", the political psychic.
uas strikes the middle east, all countries will be attacked, saying that the leaders must get their own terroists out and they are not. more terrorists attack oil refineries in the us. cities in europe get hit too. as we bomb the eastern countries, the visiting chinese get hit and china is angry so it massively attacks taiwan. russia gets angry and then the arabs cut off all their oil to the west. more retalation...more bombs onto the east. russia strikes...
nuclear the world plunges into nuclear winter. most people die.
begins in a week......all this over before this time next year.
i left near the beginning of this, it was to too much to eat in one chew. i will hear from her tomorrow or monday...maby put it here.

----psychic "B"!
this person is much the more "spiritual". he talks in vague newagy phrases, while the political guy was very very specific in images, this B guy was non imagacal, thus for me, MUCH harder to get! I feel this B guy was by far the more "advanced", in some he actuall knows Seth of seth speaks by person and they talk all of the time, as this person is a medium/channeler. a very very advance soul, this guy from Asheville, n c.
very old loving soul....he gives life readings and aura readings and past life regressions. his new agy language, he speaks not so much of war but of eath and the changes. he sees japan blowing up in volcanic fury and a huge tidal wave taking out the west coast and soon soon every american city will be gone. also, like the first guy, a 60 to 80 percent death rate!

same room of results by two slightly different doors.
the first guy DID speak of weather! he said that the currant low pressure in the gulf will next week cross florida and intensify to a super hurricane and ruin some of the east coast: THAT can be check upon within a week> i hope he is wrong, i will know soon.
if this political guy is RIGHT, the world is on the very last few minutes of "HAMLET", WHERE ALL OF THE aCTORS APPEAR AND THEN THEY ALL KILL EACH OTHER OFF, AND THE STAGE IS LITTERED WITH DEAD BODIES!
oooops: gotta go, i will not even be able to proofread this!!
you read what i wrote!