Friday, September 07, 2001

NOW i can begin to Face my Thursday's dream!

takes sometimes days and days to digest some dreams...this one is short, but:
but this dream has all the subtleness of a hammer at the slaughterhouse hitting the cow between the eyes, at the beginning of the Processing Line!

---before i can give to you my weathervane, as a gift: i must first build ya a barn, in order for you to put it on!!

I had a grandfather who had a 1960 cottage, since 1948, on Cayuga lake. this is no ordinary lake, it is a masterlake...500 feet deep in the center and two and a half miles wide at every point and 60 miles long!
his cottage was in the middle of the lake, thus both ends of this lake were around the bend. thus this lake, to me, as a kid, seemed to be like a river with no ends: a chasm between the worlds, a vertable "river jorden" the hills on each side were over 400 feet high, but there was room enough along the shore that there was a row of cottages and boathouses, nearly shoulder to shoulder, seen on the other side. i could just barely see the cottages and *just* make out the boathouses. 2 1/2 miles.

In my DREAMS, this place has often appeared, this point of land next to that cottage: in my dreams the "other side' of this lake *always* meant...."heaven's shore"...the "other side"....the beginning of the afterlife spirit world. In fact, i would often use this cottage shore as a "takeoff place for to GO out of body to one of the afterlife worlds!

thus the other side of this lake meant the shores of heaven, always, to me, in dream symbols.

in my dream i was standing at this shore looking at the other side. I was shocked, in the dream! i exclaimed, in the dream,
"the other side is 2 1/2 miles away but NOW it IS SO close"!
this other side looked to be about 200 to 300 feet away!! as if this lake were only 200 to 300 feet across.
then i said, as i saw people walking about near their cottages and i saw a mother with a baby...."the other side is so close that i can see the dimples on that baby's face"!
----end of dream.

now for my interpetation!
Interesting how i would say something like that about the dimples! that is not something that "I" would ordinarily say to anyone: i never married, never had kids, i would maybe see and notice something else instead. thus i can conclude that this was my Higher Self Speaking. from the Vantagepoint of spirit.
the messege??!
THAT was what i have been meditating upon.

was the "2 1/2" refering to 2001/2002??
the baby!
i actually asked people about the dimples...they said that for some people the dimples never go away, "my grandmother still has her babydimples" a lady says...
200 feet??
is the ever closing gap refering to "psychic development? the approach of the holy spirit?
or is the approach a TIME-DRIVEN thing, where 2 1/2 is my birth and at that rate of movement, that would put 200+ feet to be 9 months to a year or so...before the gap is ZERO: I am standing upon the other shore!
I did learn that a baby is a baby until 12 months, then it before a "toddler".

I thus surmise that this baby is less than 12 months old that i saw. thus i will infer that i will BE on this shore in less than 12 months!!

Yes, the shoreline of the other side was about 200--300 feet away. coming ever the closer, the gap is narrowing. soon, "this side" will become "the other side" funeral will be held, here....i will be there!

---this is yet another series of these dreams...all saying the same thing. yes, gives this weblog an extra twist, then....not only is it about how i live after visions of heaven, it is also about my probable, possible, "less than a year to live"!!!
---and what if i am still living after Labor day of 2002?? yet more topic for writings!!

do i burn my bridges?
will i be like that AIDS patient, i read of, who prepared to die and got his affairs in order and Said Goodbyes....and then Modern medicine found a cure if not remissions and he will now live another ten to twenty years! after cutting off all ties, NOW WHAT?!!
Do I do the same: say goodbye and Study the travel guide before Moving there?! I have One already, the Guide, my visions!
"sign the peace treaty but keep the gunpowder dry", i guess!! defensive drivinglife..."always have an out, a second plan, in case the primary one fails!