Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Interesting, the revelations i get from all of these PSYCHICS that i have been near!

tis NOT what they say that intrigues me so: it is how they deliver their messeges and their tone of messege!

a window. they peer into the spiritual world through a window that is their soul. and because it is a PARTICULAR soul, different from any other soul, the scenery seen is colored by that window and colored by their life expereinces!

tis the reverse of that saying: "the artist can only paint what is in his soul, his paintings reflect every trait that is of his soul".
thus if four psychics see the very same astral event, they will each bring back to counsciousness different perceptions of it.
It is like four people seeing a car accident and upon the witness stand they give four differeent accounts of what is seen.

Thus as i get to know the personal lives of these three or four psychics, i can see the tincture of their window.
yes tincture.
a grren window will let only certain colors come through as compared to a orange window, obviously. some things that are there will not be seen at all by the green window, but only in the orange. thus there many be a multi-part, complicated, fated-to-come, event, that is in the astral akasha records that just sits there for Access, but this 50-part event may have it where one seer sees
35 sections of it and the next seer may see 43 parts. both of them miss 4 parts altogether!
but this event needs all 50 "chapters" or events, in order for the Greater Meaning to be understood!!

then we hear an account of, say, the 35 parts, from a psychic, then each of us colors what we HEAR or READ, by our own perception-windows, and color it further where we remember only 70% of it, saying it is all of it.

one of "my" psychics has a strong political bent with a need for "the rightious justice of the lord" to take over and to "punish the....for the great iniquities"!! many past lives, no doubt, maybe, as a Crusader in the mideast, tinctured with some Muslim and Puritan lives"!
maybe. good analogy perhaps. thus he sees great wars and devastations coming very soon.

I came across what i consider to be ANOTHER psychic. he saw this wtc in 1981!! he also had a near death experience and saw jesus and the heavenly places.
I read more of him...he says that there will be no wars or endtimes but that Jesus will return soon. jesus, he says, will not get up with the preachers and preach: he will be on stage with rock bands!! in literal or metaphor---he sees that a second coming will emanently occur but that the church will NOT be pleased as the Jesus-window that they have is 2000 years old and very dirty and colored!!
Jesus might actually LIKE LSD! or grass!
or punk rock music! eat hamburger...what if he went to macdonalds to Discourse, with double cheesburger in hand, half eaten?!
---and tell some of the married ones to get that divorce now and to be sure that baby is aborted! oh the rocks and stones hurled!!