Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Interesting, my tiredness!!
yesterday I Came To Face It, Face to Face, my tiredness!!

As i came back to my apartment, near the edge of downtown, on the crowded packed city bus, i noted yet again how drained of energy i was. almost as if i only got two hours of sleep last night and needed a long long nap Now! not that kind of tiredness though!! nor was it the kind of physical tiredness that comes from physical labor or exertion. it was of a quite different type of exhaustion altogether.
This occurs each and every day about 2 to 3PM: an hour nap restores me, but ,golly, this takes the very heart of the day out!


Today, i confronted this, as to the "why".....

I find that this here exhaustion is an exhaustion of the ETHERIC BODY.

[etheric body----there is the physical body, then there is the actual soul-body, the shape of the soul as it is in Spirit: near the earth plane, it would look like the physical body, but younger in age: it is what one looks like in heaven after death, the "physical body" THERE, in heaven.
So...the etheric body is like of a clutch plate for a stick shift transmission in a car...it is a "bridge-body' that has some of it in the Spiritual world and some of it in the physical world. the "aura" is a good word for this etheric body!]

my etheric body is exhausted! exhausted from
---going into the city on the crowded bus.
---using the library at the 35,000 student, university
---the coffee shop, followed by cafeteria at the mall. the only place to get good food without going far far out of my way through the OCEAN of people to get there!


this is what occurs, abrasion between my etheric body and of all the bodies of all the rest of the people.
as someone, say, walks past me within ten feet, i can feel their movement INSIDE of me!
like having several radio station on one place on the dial, or, having to listen to someone talk, in a noisy croded room where everyone around you is talking AS loud as the person you are trying to hear!
"psychic empath", is one name for this "talant".
too, i suspect all of the electromagnetic radiation also effects my etheric body: just look at the bristling antennas on all of the buildings for cell phones!

some psychic teacher, in a institute for psychic development, told me, once...just before they left Miami for the carolina rural mountains, taking the institute there....["Arthur Ford Acadamy for psychic development and psychic unfoldment", i believe was the name...1976]
he said...."all centers for psychic development, that he knew of, if they began in a city; they soon moved to the countryside"!!

[In my own dreams, i would astrally often visit a american "sai baba center' somewhere. the etheric/astral counterpart to a rented house, in some small american city. about once every few months, i would visit in my dreams:eventually, they moved out into the country!]
[there was a dream i had way way back, maybe 1970, a voice says..."Adepts in training NEVER live in cities! they live only in places near college towns" I can now really really see that! the massmind of the city is no good, and if a very very small town is lived in near a college town, the locals are used to having "strange' people around, the "weird' outsider is more accepted!]

never live in a place where no one runs, walks or jogs!!.......that is one of my lifeobservations!!

tradeoff. nice computer access and the things of a city, but for a price. some day soon, I must confront
this "etheric drain" my spiritual life comes to a halt as there is little way i can use this sensitivity as a TALANT, where the surround is so so chaotic. Now, it is a liability, this etheric sensitivity!!
I can readily SEE why my earthly life could be at a crossroad of Spiritactionchoice...either my life is over: no more that i can do...or....i will probably have to make a radical move......

i would imagine that under the "proper" guidance, i could work as a psychic Counselor/healer, giving counsel and therephy to people. i could join with a Spiritualist church or a Camp and hang a shingle on my front lawn...
but Spirit had me Do Other things, with my life.....

this choice, for my future, may not be up to me at all. it may be set in spirit.

I suspect that a chronic exposure to this "psychic field", will eventually bring onto me, in my aura, a "subtle disease", and it will eventually show up in my physical body as one of these Modern
very complicated hormonial/auto-immune syndromes!

thus, i can see that i will have to someday move to the countryside and only visit, like of jumping into the sea with scuba gear, cities!

I wonder how many other people have this condition, out there?!
how many people are only dimly aware of this talant of "psychic sensitivity", and thus it is a libility or handicap, NOW, as this talant is not developed or used, thus it is "immature", and the person is at risk for being drained, obsessed, bothered...by the people around them, physically...AND the spirits
of these people, the guides/hanger-oners, of these other people...who are near the earth people, in their auras; thus these spirits are also picked up by the Sensitive!

so someday very soon, this must be delt with, if spirit has me to continue to live....