Thursday, September 27, 2001

I went to a large magazine rack, at a mall bookstore, the other day. there were about 500 magazines.
This was about three days after WTC, and all of them were utterly irrelevant!
Time and or Newsweek or "people"....had something about fun and travel! there were cooking mags that had wine and entertainment and even a coverlike story about going to see the food-wonders of new york city!!
might as well be last years mags!!
from another Planet: from another reality, they were!

NOW today, i see the trickle begin! first the Time and Newsweek. soon the wtc events will pervade ALL of the mags! even the auto mags and the computergame mags will have "nuthin but"!

---really really brings home to me how everything in our world and in our lives are INTERCONNECTED!
a wine journal?? surely one might think there would be nothing in it about wtc.
there was an article about the Primer resturant at the top of the wtc that HAD 5,000 bottles of wine, there!

soon all of the monthly mags will have it.
then the goodness the books! probably 30 to 60 percent of all the books, within two years, will be "about' the wtc.
like a mycelium mold....will go through everything that we see or do.

the Movies...the tv shows...on and on and on.........
a large "superorganism", we all are: everything interconnected.
....and, a huge funeral, a huge wake....
shock...anger...healings...recoveries: the stages of grief!