Tuesday, September 04, 2001

I had an extemely interesting experience on the bus this morning! one "for the books"!!

[oh there is NO "little experiences" when one is on the path of Spirit! there is a messege and a meaning in everything: nothing is "accidental"!]

the physical part of the experience was almost trival: the bus driver stopped the bus so quick, un-normally, that i ended up slamming into the guy sitting next to me, actually hitting him with my fist so to break the force of the abrupt stop!

as i walked down to the library to sit here typing, i had an Inspiration about this event, and a Terrible Awfull realization comes out of this!

july 1985. i was living with my sister in southern illinois. One july evening, as we drove back from her office, late, near the house we saw a car of mexican laborers, the car had broken down. we stopped, ended up having them come to the house and eventually taking them back to the "compound" where they lived. they come every year to pick the apples and the nearby town, i had heard, utterly disliked them...utterly so, considered them to be only "animals"!!

Suanna and i liked to take saturday drives....and on the next saturday we drove through this very town, as it was only ten miles away: she stopped to buy gas and i went inside to buy some coffee to go.
as i stood in the long line, some guy behind me came up and bumped into me SO hard that it took every ounce of self-control to stop my arm from pitching that cup of very very hot opentopped cup of coffee onto each and everyone of the six people who were ahead of me!

later that evening, after we got back, i took my usual meditatave country walk, and i prayed to the lord as to "why" this event of the coffee occurred. I suddenly heard an inner voice, speaking to me!!
a Guide told me what had occurred..."he" said....
"they know what you did! you treated those mexican people like human beings and the dead townspeople who Watch over the town DO NOT LIKE THAT! the ancestors who once lived there are near the town, even from heaven, and can see anything that occurs that concerns them and they did not like what they saw and they wanted to get even!! they wanted you to spill that coffee all over those townspeople and then you would get all of the blame from them!"

this bus driver!!
the very day before, sunday, he was the driver on the route to the sunday mall and i rode around the loop so that i did not get off AT the mall: i watched all of the passengars get off. there was a homeless man who got off. he rides the bus sometimes and is a fixture of the downtown scene. he must weigh 350 pounds
and he always has a schizoprenic glazed look to his eyes. my guess is that he will be like this for life, between thorbenzidrine and Therepy and the Shelter: he can only "just exist"!!
he was one of the last ones off and it was now just this driver and me and i sat right up front. the diver "lit" into this man, verbally!
"there is a WORTHLESS man if i ever ever saw one! he EATS very well too!"!!
---ugh! you would *not* want to hear the TONE of his sarcastic remarks, it would put a real big dent in your day!
just think...
"a Nazi spies a jew: good thing it is daylight and there are witnessess if he acts out, so he does nothing but make a remark, a remark like a hot wire cutting though flesh"!!!

nothing but scorn...this driver actually looks the part! looks "Tuetonic" and every hair is in place and there is no shadow permitted in HIS life, thank you!

now the Plot Thickens!
HE was the driver for my little "accident"!!
I was not in agreement with his comments yesterday[ could i have uttered any apology in this homeless guy's behalf?? i doubt that it would have done any good!]
I had great sympathy for this homeless man...what sufferings he must have had to get TO this state, and just how many more sufferings that he willhave before he finially dies!

yes, again...the Guides of the driver Knew what i felt...they were NOT happy! One has the guides that
rapport with the soul, during the lifetime: his "angels' are "second fiddle" as he himself bonds with the "other" guides!
that picture i saw in sunday school, where there was a man with an angel at his right shoulder and a demon at his left shoulder....that is a very accurate image...[read your Game manual before playing the game of life!...{i like the King James version, myself!}]
yes, the driver's guides did not like that i would side with the homeless man, in truth, over the driver's

there is yet MORE to this event!
[yes, when everything is not an accident, then there is a messege behind each and every event, a messege that can be read and learned from!]
I wondered why there seemed to be so much 'activity" to this, as the response by his guides seemed to be so strong. then i recall that all of this event occurred around the labor day weekend!! this has always been a time for me to recieve Instruction for my Spiritual labors for the year ahead...as also it has been the traditional first day of school too! Life School---here is the cirriculum for my year ahead!!

in 1985, that july, when Suanna, my sister, and i, picked up the Migrant workers from their stalled car, she did not know that she would get up early one workday and enter her bathroom to prep for dressing and Not Come Out! the ambulance came...and her funeral was the next week!
she died march 17th of the next year...1986....about 7 to 8 months after that Mexican migrantworker event!
SO! i sense the reason why this event of the bus driver, was done for me, was LET to be done for me!
AT the laborday first day of school, the synchronetic events on the weekend that will give to me the Indication of the year-to-come, the "schoolyear, is this:
Is that i have "7 to 8 months" myself, before my own death!! maybe 4...maybe 10 months...but as other indications, in visions and such...."2002", sometime!

thus this event indicates the "july 15th 1985" of the mexicans, 7 months before sister's sudden death.
I will have near that amount of time left before my own death, give or take a few months!

ah, the Bell Tolls for Me!!

---keep tuned! this ought to be a *very* interesting weblog, as the months go by!! as january first comes of 2002...then march...may...june.
[for any astrologer out there, i have that june 10th solar eclipse of sun.moon.saturn--oppossed pluto, exactly ON my ascendant!] thus if i "make it" beyond july of 2002, i may have this One Event pass, my death! keep tuned!