Tuesday, September 04, 2001


a couple of people left comments in my GUESTBOOK for me to read! i thank you all for your comments: to feel that someone looks forwards each and every Day, to read my material, i find very heartwaming!
---inspires me to write even the more and maybe even write up some more of my vision-experiences that i have had over the years....why i could maybe write up 20 to 30 more, easily!
To write more for the weblog, too. may it be that I am a Means, thought spirit, for to uplift other people, by what i write...a kind of prayer to Spirit, i utter, as i sit before my journal screen!

so. anyone who comes new to my weblog....WELCOME.

----go read my visions and articles that i have on file, the link is near the top of the sidebar at your left.
----please sign my guestbook, also at the left.

thank you....freestone