Thursday, September 20, 2001

---Here is a copy of a letter that i sent to the egroups list "earthchanges"!

>>> "111 and september 11th!"

here we go again:


I read some other article on just how many "111's" there are around this event!! this one about the number of days till the end of the year is enough to Warrent Attention to the "111 interest people"!!

why this 111?
maybe...just maybe it has to do with "2001"!
1 + 1 = 2 that there are three "1s" in 2001!
this 2001 is such that i think that it is the only year where there are three 1s in it without any other numbers present.
"1992" has three 1s, but it has the two 9s.
2010 has this too, but it is far in the future.
but this 2001 is right at the millenium point!
TOO...this date can be written..."9/11/01"
in many "cabalistic" math summing systems, the "9" is dropped. In numerology, too, the "9" is not counted...thus a number like "194" becomes "14". from this, the 9/11/01 = 111 !
thus i might surmise that "2001" is a *very* imortant year, in the Cosmic scheme of things, for us all!

betcha that this means that this wtc event was cast In Stone, in time-iron, long long ago!
a judgement?
a test? perhaps it is a test: how will we all do AFTER the event?
will we all Come Together, spirtually stronger? or will the inevitable small wars escalate into Bigger War, and unravel us all?! maybe the event itself is fated, but our collective response is Up To Us!
----and "who" did this? who set up the Timing of it, the wtc?
the 111 must be the signiture of the "do-er"!
Spirit? the Lord? the Christ?
i have no answer for this at the moment. Nor do i know of the "why"!
But....I, myself, would suggest that anyone should begin to live, from now on, in their Spirit of Inner Soul and Spirit, from their inner truth and love, in all of their actions, feelings and thoughts!