Saturday, September 08, 2001

---further comment upon yesterday's dream discussion that i put up here yesterday....[see journal entry below]

there was a dream about six or seven years ago where i stood at my aunt's house and i stood in the field behind her house...and this house always means..."communication from Spirit".
i lloked across the lake to the other side and on the field before me was a large pole like of a telephone or light pole. it was about 18 inches in diameter, i could not tell...
What impressed me, though, was that not only was this pole somehow connected with the other side of the lake [the other side=Spiritworld], but that there was a large ring of light around the pole, but with a GAP in it of about two to five inches!!

NOW i can see that this ring is the duration of my alloted life and when the time-circle is closed, i will die.

now back to yesterday's dream account. i could see that the other side of cayuga lake was now about 200 feet away and that i could "see a dimple in that baby's face, i am THAT close"!!
-----almost as if i were going backwards in time towards my birth...i wondered how this could be done, how could i go forwards then go backwards.
one of my major life accomplishments was done about exactly in the middle of my life, 30 years: then it hit me! I am describing a CIRCLE, that "ring" that i described above. thus in 2-demensions: it would appear as if i went forwards to 30 years old and then back towards birth!

how Humbled i felt, last night, to discover that my childhood and early college years, some odd-25 years since birth, replays BACKWARDS, in mirror-image!!
---when my parents took me 1200 miles to College at 19 years old, we arrived a week early and rented a cottage by the sea for a week. then entered school, to begin my adult life: MAJOR point of life!
---in reverse, approximately 19 years ago, i LEFT a major life point, but stayed with my sister as we both rented a cabin for a week, just before leaving!
1941..........................rentcabin/enter college
rentcabin\ leave........................2001

Now, i cannot convey in a mere writing, how strange this appears. but i can now see that a "circle" is embedded in my life of 60 years, a circle that has it where one point on it has an opposite mirror-event, 180 degrees away: as if one took a ten inch strip of paper and folded it on the six inch mark so that the end is now touching the beginning where the folded paper is six inches long...think of a butterfly with its wings folded. this is my life-circle in two demensions...

so now my "birth" will be in two more months: as the soul is supposed to actually incarnate into the fetus
at about 4 to 6 months into the pregnetcy...this would have the Circle complete *very* soon!
like maybe December to may of 2002!!

ponder ponder.....
just how IS it where a life can be set up SO "fated"?! oh i belive in free will all right, but i as an older soul probably in free will set the life up BEFORE i was born, with the help of Guides in spirit!
---be like that man in new york City who was at a bar having a LOT of drinks and he fell into an argument with someone over whether new york or London had the prettiest girls...his NEXT memory is waking up on the middle of Brit Air flight 476 somewhere over the Atlantic, on the way to London: he chose to buy the ticket and board the plane, in drunken free will, but now he cannot change the Program and must see his wager through to the end!!
to me...this explains why the life of some people is so "fated"! they had it set up before they were born!
even the Owner's game manual says so..."I knew thee before you were born and i gave to you your Mission whilst you were in the womb"....Jesus speaking about the prophet jerimiah's mission[i think jerimiah!]. the Masters, in spirit, could well indeed do this, with a set up a mission.