Monday, September 24, 2001

"freestone gets beaten over his head by a guitar"!!

not really: but in metaphor-only, in Friday's encounter.

I begin to Detect the Trek....the Appearence of two people on friday who have a backpack and a bus ticket or a suntanned thumb...Out On the Road, a-looking for a "nice quiet place in the Country to get Away from it all [Read " threats!]. there will be more. many many more of these people, in the days to come!
----and they usually, look for a religious community to join, a cult or some Commune-commuity.

and INDEED, often they are carrying a guitar with them.......

They are getting away from something, obviously: but i always have sensed there was more to this than of just looking for a "safe place in the country"...something more that i never could quite put my finger on.

well, yesterday i can now put my finger on it!!
One of these people i met on the bus and i was able to talk to him. he told me of how he was looking for some very cheap land somewheres that is safe and quiet and free of "trouble"!
Right in the middle of my talking about land and real-estate values in different parts of the country, he
gives to me a piercing look, as he sits more upright next to his backpack, and he blurts out a Question to me, a question that had a Tone to it, of "a challange"!

in the tone of
----what's wrong with you..."wrong", as in "you are not an OK person, in my book"!
----you threaten me.
----you are dangerious to me.
----"i see you are one nail that sticks out, amongst the many normal nails, and if i could, i would hit it to make it like the others, but since that is not permitted; i just want to get away!"!
----the delivery of his question sounded, the Tone, like that of a sword sticking a wooden post,
a hard fast quick jab!

well, now i figured why my 6 foot 2 inch tall 130 lb frame so bothered him. i was NOT "ok", in his book!
-----and now i see into the souls of many of these wanderers!
they see life in "BLACK AND WHITE"!! anything of "grey", they cannot deal with: they want "absoluteness" in every moral, ethical, decision......and their enemy, if a Christian, is the term...
"Situational Ethics", where every act is judged in context of the moment and its needs.
they can not handle anything that is outside of some authority-given standard, a standard that
has life painted in colors of black OR white and every edge of image has a black pixel, RIGHT next to the white pixel: no intermediate shades of grey!

["Wanderkind"....the 1935 german word for "wandering children". they roamed the 1930-1936
countryside of germany. they were "squeaky-clean", deeply philosiphical, vegetarian, and wearing Leaderhosen shorts: they were looking for Meaning and Purpose, the 1936 version of "hippies".
they all joined and formed the SSS, Hitler's troops and followers: NOW they found their absolute Savior to Purify the land of Deviency, a deviency of Grey...and to find that Scapegoat of a race to pin all their fears and hates onto and kill kill kill.....]

so this guy could not deal even with my non-common bodytype! did i have AIDS? what is his stance on "queers"?? i fear to find out!!

strange, and ominious...THIS is the very same mindset that IS the Terrorists!! they all, even these
modern wanderkind, are afraid of freedom! they see freedom as leading to things that they are afraid of or afraid of controlling within themselves if they tasted it!! thus they see things like the cities or the internet , to lead to "licentiousness" or "drugs" or "homosexuality"...etc...etc..!
[ see the sept 23rd New York Times Magizine: two very very good articles about this why "fear of freedom with its choices and moral ambuguities" drives many in the world to hate the unitied states.]
they usually end up joining some "cultist" church where ABSOLUTENESS rules! they want to leave the cities where there are 9,859 shades of grey, to go to some perchieved "pure place" where life
is "simple" [ read: no having to makes choices between 56 shades of grey!] and
"wholesome" [read: "everyone is like me, my way is the One true Way, thus anyone else that is not of my way is evil and must be gotten away from, by bus or thumb...maybe if society would only permit it: kill them!!"

thus i see that this terrorist mindset is right here in our land, from our own people!