Saturday, September 15, 2001

did any psychics predict this event?!!

I did a quick search in Google/deja. came up with essentuially nothing. the nostradamus prediction seems to be a hoax!
probably soon, some psychic will Admit...

I know of One right here under my nose! The lady who sits at the student counseling desk, about twenty feet from where i type is a psychic herself and she Has Psychic friends who are really into it.
one guy, i learned yeaterday, saw the trade center towers fall, about TWO WEEKS before they did!!
---but you do *not* want to hear what he says for the "next"!!
aside from "colorings" due to his past lives in the middle east, what he says is sobering.
a couple of days ago he told the three of us, at her desk, what will occur.
---the tropical storm in the gulf[friday 14th] will weakly cross fla and then intensify east of florida and then hit the east coast with lots of rain...a strong storm.
---within the next two weeks, by the end of two weeks...england will have terroist attacks. there will be more in this country. a plane will destroy the Eifil tower, in paris! we will attack most of the countries in the middle east. they will cut off our oil. they will be very very angry. iran hosts thousands of CHINEESE people and china will not be pleased when many will be killed. china will invade tiwan, ruduce it to rubble. russia will respond with bombs.
soon....within months, many of the cities in the usa will be rubble....60 percent or more of humanity will be DEAD!!
----but he DID see the two towers fall!! IS he overreactive in his predictions to come? does he see correcctly, but only the thought forms of the possibilities?! we will not have long to wait, will we?!!