Saturday, September 15, 2001

bomb threat you say....Blogger?
yes i noted the bloggercall to list the bomb threats: i suppose i got to do my part!

i live in Tallahassee, Florida, the state capital.
----thursday, there was a threat to city hall, a phone call about a box. they found the box, it was really there, with wires sticking out of it, but a hoax, not a real bomb...but the threat was real. they emptied out city hall, the park, i saw from the bus window, was filled with people: they seemed to be enjoying the warm afternoon sun!
-----friday, a teacher told me that one of the local schools had a bomb threat! i can not verify that though...

one person with a phone can empty out a building for a day! maybe the Wonder and amazement that there are not more of these threats!

So here i sit with all of these near death DreamVision experiences of 100 visions of heaven, over the years, AND now i have had about ten dreamvisions telling me that i have maybe only MONTHS to live!! these began about a year ago. NOW i can maybe see why: may not be heart attack or accident....but WW III or some related upheavals that Do It!!
anyone who sees this post, in the search engine lookup, i invite them to follow my daily progress in confronting my own very possible immanent death!! and to look at the sidebar to see the link to where some of my visions of heaven and the earthchanges are written up for you to read!