Thursday, September 06, 2001

Being AUTISTIC gives to me a Interesting slant onto life!

while i was never "officially" given that diagnosis, my readings about Temple Granden's writings about "thinking In Pictures" and my own childhood symptoms that are in essence the same as per the symptoms of aspergers/high level functioning autism.....

yes, i think almost only in pictures and images, so much so that when eating with someone at the table i have a choice: eat OR talk...not both at once! Most people have a window onto the world, but i have a pinhole in a sheet of paper, to peer through! My Dreams are amazing and outragious though!!
First person expereinces of the afterlife, no less. two way talks with many of my relatives too!

but i feel that many old souls are Autistic: this is why i do not like the "must become cured" and the overly psychological approach to autism.
old souls...they come into incarnation with SO much talant and so many life subtleness. makes for being autistic!
like a 64 meg ram program trying to operate in a 16 meg ram of a brain!
packing a suitcase with clothes and there are so many clothes that there is always a bit of a shirt or dress sticking out of the suitcase seam, no matter how you try!
trying to get those six programs that need 8 gigs of hard drive space to work: but ya only have a 4 gig brain and the Dancing of all those programs of your soul...there WILL be much tripping of program-feet over each other as the dancers dance the dance in that room that is so so small!

thus...autism, as the brain goes into "illegal action code: will shut down"!
blue screen of braindeath, as you try to fumble for a word that fits the image as everyone around you who talks 50 words per minute Have Little Sympathy!
or "white out" in a P-mart that has walls that go to the horizen and all ya want is a box of nails and the isle go on to infinity with blurs of 56,000 colors with echo noises and zombiefied shoppers with no-license-to-drive shopping carts that are like driving in a carnival "bumpercar" ride into each other and intoYOU!! Total sense overload.

But i sense and feel more more than most people do, with Empathy and Psychic and such...
I even had in my dreams a few of what the ufo people would call an "alien abduction" or two!! abducted from my own bed, from my dreamstate!
why, all the props were there...the ship, the Implants, the aliens...
then i went in astral travel to visit THEIR world...several of several alien worlds, over the following months...
then there are the "end time visions"!! i had even been drafted into that rarefied club....."Those Who have been Given a Psychic map of north America after the earthchanges are done with"!! there are clubs that join YOU up, whether you want it or not: we call you and you never never call us! some of these eathchange visions you do NOT want to read!!
[but of course i have some of them on my filesite, along with my alien abductions and autism articles!
just go to the upper left sidebar and click on the "files archive" link, to go there to read them.]