Friday, September 28, 2001

awfull dreams last night!

seems that i spent dreamhours and hours being with many people, in some low astral, low heavenly, place!
I do this a lot of late, visit places that seem somewhat "earthly" and somewhat in the afterlife. With people and seeing people that i just "know" that i have never seen before in my life!
---there was a building on fire, a bar or tavern. there was a homosexual liason, two black men rolling in sex-estacy, in bed! .....i saw a man in a car where the car sank beneath the water: I feeling that the water was quite deep, a hundred feet or so...i watched as he clawed in panic at the rolled up window as the car sank out of sight.
---images of places i have never seen or been to......

I suspect that these are images from "real" people, their images from their own souls. perhaps not "ordinary living people, who are also sleeping", perhaps they are people who are very recently dead and have just arrived in the lower heavens and are rummaging through their "basement/attic" of memories, the ones that are the MOST emotionally charged!
yes, maybe some people from the wtc. maybe even someone from that bridge that collapsed, there in Texas....the bridge to padre Island that was struck by the boat.

[ i have the Intuitive feeling that the WTC event and the Bridge incident are Linked, in spirit! not by terrorist, linked, but somehow these two events are interconnected in the spiritual realm, as having some Meaning for America at This Time in its History!
the bridge incident occured saturday, only several days apart from the WTC. Too, both occurred on ISLANDS, islands that are at the base of major and Housten!]

So i am probably doing a low level astral travel to their realms and experiencing with them, the newly deadarrived, some of their images of their life that are emotionally charged: probably involving their death!
maybe this helps them, in some spirit-fashion, as maybe MY inclusion, into their soul's life, being that i am "of earth", those memories of theirs can be ever the more accessable, to THEM; making to help them catharize and heal, and then be able to let go and go onwards to a higher plane of heaven!
Least i HOPE, and pray so!