Thursday, September 06, 2001

after i wrote my earlier article about being autistic, i have now further thoughts on what "autism" is!

I feel that most of the "high level/aspergers" autistic people are Older Souls. they came here with many many talants and also such a developed mind that they can see or sense connections where no one sees any relations at all. Naturally the brain short circuits: too too many programs trying to dance their dance upon a too small of a stage. And...of course these Intuitive see-ings, where the higher self, in Spirit, is brought to bear, in any sensings or perceptions; why this goes against the group-thinks that are around the person.

grow up in school and be told, "good people do NOT do...feel..think those kind of thoughts":see how your self-esteem crashes ever the downwards! then too the prevalent social sytems that is called "being a teen aged kid, today" is often not understandible!
And, any "out of it" kid is the subject of every kind of taunt abuse!

no wonder many also develop all kinds of chemical sensitivites later in life as "being sensitive" is ALSO a HARDWIRED part of
the nervious system, from birth onwards....then there is the reaction to all the disturbing world, added to this poor self-esteem, to further increase chemical sensitivity.

Oh, to be able to use autism as a TALANT!! society practically is against that is having a "cure" done to the autistic person is tatamont to having this person admit that the currant society way of doing things IS the One Right Way!!!!!
I would imagine the first step for a Spiritual help, is to be able to accept these talants that make up one's particular brand of autism, and to first accept one's self.
Then one could use these talants for something, a something where these talants would be an advantage, say...Creative writings".

thus our western way of life would WANT to cure all of its autistic people: makes for a very good VALIDATION, self referenced, a validation of the western way of life, if all devients are seen to be "sick" and not of a counscious choice in choosing this "devientcy"!!
sick people can be "reformed", by chemical drugs or maybe therepy.

having, myself, been to and seen some of Heaven; i can well sense the relative value of things...
As the Universe wheels about, in its 87,000 year cycle...and over 10 billion years old: sort of puts the western way of life into Proper perspective!!
i can see it now...near the Galactic center, there is a 1000 year "annual" Conference, a conference of many of the AVATARS of various planets, in the galaxy.
read: Jesus!
imagine a whole auditorium of jesuses, jesuses of 10,000 planets!
[which jesus is the real jesus......the christians[xians] would ask!] all of them, of course.....from some races where there is one sex, ten sexes....four legs.....coldblooded....can fly.....WHAT would the "1st Baptist church" say about THAT?!!

up there in heaven, there are afterlife worlds of all the races, all of the countries, and all of the times, maybe way way back...[ some spirit guide spoke of how he found a Neanderthal man, in a neanderthal heaven, on a Deep expedition to a far distantrealm, in the afterlife worlds...

our Western but a snowflake, one amongst many, in the "noreaster storm"...very real enough as it is, but only one amongst the very very many other very real flakes!