Tuesday, August 21, 2001

yet more Interesting Dreams....In this one, of a couple nights ago, I was on a train, a train that was going on a excursion to the Adarondack mountains in Upstate new York.
[I am from the western upstate, and to me those mountains, in a state park that is larger than the state of Rhode Island, 60+ miles across, is the Ultimate wildness. 5000 ft mountains, to closest to heaven...]

when the train came to the end of the line and i got out, i recall making a huge point of it to say that
this is the end of the line, as far as i can go. The elevation of this station is 1660 feet". i said that, this number.

---what i MEANT, in my dream, is..."this is the end of my life, as far as the body goes, or else the spiritual mission-ness of it, it is as far as i can go: i retire or die, now!!"
---and the number is 166. [in my dreams, that is so...the finial "zero" is dropped, in numbers]

I know what is made up to add up to 166! the only varible, outside of several other numbers, that adds up to 166, is my currant age. it would be 60. must be 60 to make 166.
i turned 60 at the end of June of THIS year: i am 60 now!!

I will have 10 or less months to find out! in this here train dream, i was telling myself a messege, a messege that i have been getting a LOT of, of late.....in my dreams!
If i live this out, folks, as of now, i plan to move back to my rural upstate ny town of 600 people
before June of 2002. back to cold and snow but alone country roads where there are far far fewer people...and RETIRE as many other dreams tell me that my "spiritual missions are completed"!
[why there was a dream just a few days ago where i went to my Interlaken High School and went to the Guidence office to see about my soon-to-come GRADUATION and he told my my senior finial
grade point average!! the GRADE, the grading of that "spiritual missions"!! an actual number!
i remember it, but it is symbolic and only known to me!!
{i passed]!!

so this here journal should be interesting, between now and july 1 of next year. if it stops...it does not neccessarily mean that i have died! it may just mean that i have moved to the area of Interlaken where
it will be awhile before i can get a phone/internet connection...i would hope the one room library still has that computer, a one room library actualy had an internet computer! but then again 1998 interlaken was surprisingly connected...perhaps the nearness to cornell university helps: interlaken may be rural...but not all "rednecky"!!