Monday, August 13, 2001

yes tis monday morning and the first day of school for the kids.

I have come to the conclusion that if you want to make sure of what goes into your mouth, for food, ya GOTTA be NEUROTIC!
gotta be so so carefull, or else you get crud instead of food!

to wit.
yesterday at the mall i went over to the yogurt counter, at least they sell frozen yogurt soft "ice cream" there. I ordered a small cup of it. as the girl was getting it from the machine, i noticed the small little printed sign on the soft-freeze yogurt mix machine. i had to squint.
"made with NUTRASWEET"!!
yuuch! cancel cancel.......

so i propose: you have to be very very picky unto neuroticism to be sure of what you eat, these days!
or else, you eat nutrasweet, soybuger, and who knows what else!

I have met kids who do not know what a homemade cookie tastes like!
Back in my home town, the apt underme that shared the same air system, why the two Teens
who lived with their father after the Bad Divorce, why they cooked By the Burn Method! they go to tv and whatever is on the stove soon enough begins to burn until they smell it and then they run, cussing up a storm, to rescue what is left.
stupid of me to use my smoke detector, i immediately took out the batteries never never to use them again!!
for these kids, why PIZZA is the foundation of their Nutrition!

my aunt makes homemade "everything", why one day years ago, i came to visit and she offered me "just" a piece of plain white cake. why i spent twenty minutes on that cake, slowly enjoying every bite, as it was made from scratch, no cake mix here!

I have found that I need meat as well as fruits..vegies..etc...
but i have found that anything"artifical" does strange things to my body and to my mind.
even the store package cookies that are "torerable" Do Strange Things To My Mind: perhaps the
unbalanced chemical composition of the chemical artificalness is assimilated in unbalanced ways, as the Genetic programmings of my body are not equipped to handle Processed Food!