Friday, August 31, 2001

yes that is it, i suddenly See that i will have to put my "soul-path" to the test of Choosing.

yes, "they" tell me that i could die before june of 2001, my guides.
there IS the possibility that this can be overwrit, by spirit, BY spirit or by choices that i can make, as i feel that a long life is the best way to approach heaven's future, unless one is SET up, before birth, to die young!

I see that i have come to an end of a road all right! I find, my friends.."friends" are ever the hinting that i really ought to change!
but the changes i feel that i must make, will not be what is suggested to me!

psychic empath.
born with a great aura much so that being a healer is dangerious as i would pick up each and every condition that the client has!! good for exporing people and places though: but i live in a city of 250,000. would ya WANT
to actually rent several vcr film tapes and find that there are 50 other films supperimposed upon the one you want to see and some of these films are actually more clear, on the tape, than the movie you are trying to see. eyestrain and headache in ten minutes at the least!! thus this is why i read..."all schools of psychic development and openings, that start up in a city; they WILL soon move to the countryside!"!! all the many many people's aura bleeds through, see. thus any one person or place is like "ten radio stations at once on the same dial frequency"...this is so in any large city.

so some day i will have to move to a countryplace. no money and the only place with friends relaitives and queit is my cold upstate ny town. probably i must move there if i want to go further with my soul, cold or not!