Wednesday, August 29, 2001

yes, my posting of yesterday will probably have offended someone as it is somewhat "political" and touches upon race. these days no matter what ya say, you will offend someone profoundly!
In my Tallahassee, the springtime parade is to be moved this year to the fairgrounds after 30+ years of downtown parade...probably they will not have the parade anymore and just have the arts and craft stalls and entertainment. tooo many floats offend too many people.
make it "common demoninator". make it a shopping experiece. shopping is
what we all do!!
---i degress.

my Heart goes out to the Black race, in this country! partly due to their high birth rate, their low economic levels....they seem to be Conducts for young young souls to be born! the black race seems to have more of its share of souls who are utterly emotional...but this is little different from many other races.
why in my upstate new york, there were often whole miles of country roads where a lady aquaintance says..."when i lived there, on this road, every wife was battered, every child beaten, a rural slum!"
I, myself, once in the Hills far behind Ithaca, sawa a row of maybe 30 houses, where it looked as if all the floors were dirt floors and all the paint was flaking....and if there was a 14 year old girl in any of the houses, it FELT like there would be where if a neighbor young man were to have sex with this girl, he would be THIRD in line, the father was first and a brother was second!
young souls. utterly adrift in 2001! I have seen some of them at the bus station, asking about the busses, as they could read the number on the bus, but they asked me instead, as they can not read digits![betcha you would be appalled at the number of 30 year old who can not really READ!!!]
---computers---banking/money-----timetables---are way way beyond them!