Monday, August 13, 2001

while i was writing that food article, below, i thought of something else to say!


there is a shop in town that sells a lot of cyrstals, crystals to use in "spiritual empowerment".
stones for this chakra and for that chakra. crystals to empower one attribute or another......
wear them around the neck, around the wrist, on the head....

I, myself, consider these stones to be

because would you take 50,000 units of one vitamen "B" and ignore the rest of the b-vitamens??!
I read that all of the b-vitamens work in synthesis with each other, thus you need all of them at once.
---an "and" condition; not an "or" condition.
or maybe like that string of Christmas tree lights where all the lights must be working for the whole string of lights to light up!

these cyrstals stimulate.
they stimulate *just* the part of the vibrational boby that they are set up for. thus the wearer of these crystals are doing a Subtle-body stimulation that corresponds to a weight-lifter that develops just ONE muscle, and no others, on his body! a person that stimulates just, say, the third chakra, he could be unbalancing the whole chakra system in his body, by that overstimulation there.

I would imagine that the whole body must be stimulated as a whole, each part of it is in relational connection to the rest of it. Just like everything that you do is inter-related one thing to another thing...