Tuesday, August 14, 2001

there was a very interesting article in the Sunday ny Times magazine on sunday. Seems that there are many houses that have mold in them that is so toxic that the owners have to just walk out of the house leaving it just like the "mary celeste" ghost ship, dishes on the table!
Myself, i sense a profound constuction mistake is being made with the new houses of today....and i wrote " Letter to the editor". in reply, to the ny times in reference to the article.
i reproduce it, below....

I am interested in that mold article, in the Sunday magazine, the "mold that eats houses"!
I ride a Tallahassee city bus nearly every morning.
Here, at 7 am, the temperature in August is already at 80 degrees and the dew point is about the same; tropical air so thick with moisture that one could carve a tunnel through it, walking! I note that often the bus is bathed completely in dew, condensation covers every window on the OUTSIDE of that bus. They have the air conditioning set so so low, in that bus, that i have to wear a shirt. 68 inside and 80 outside!
I betcha!
I betcha that many of these new homes that are built so airtight with a vapor barrier enclosing the whole house, with windows that cannot ever be opened, with the AC set at [shiver] 68 degrees, with the 80% morning humidity outside of that vapor barrier: I would predict that Condensation will soon cover every square inch of the outside of that barrier! Mold heaven! You could not have a better place for mold than this! Always damp, the outside walls of the barrier, but INSIDE of the outer wall where no one ever can see that condensation, as the condensation is between the walls.
Hermetically sealed houses that have a 15 to 25 degree temperature difference between just one-tenth of an inch of vapor barrier, is just asking for water condensation to form, immediately, and to have that condensation that NEVER evaporates, to cover every square inch of the outer surface of that barrier. A house built FOR mold!
In my upstate 1957 New York Hometown, of Interlaken, no one ever had a mold problem unless water actually leaked into the house. The 1950 houses were drafty, with no air conditioning, the wind always blew through the many many cracks in the walls, both inner and outer walls[ read: evaporative circulation]. Thus there never was that 20+ degree temperature range within just the thickness of a barrier: even the 50 degrees of temperature difference, in the winter, was spread out, gradually, through the eight inches, or so, of the double walls, with plenty of air blowing through the cracks to evaporate any condensation that formed.
My solution to Mold:
---build your new House with No vapor barriers at all.
---Do not set your air conditioning thermostat below 80 degrees!
---Do not over insulate.
---Have real windows that actually open, and cool the house with natural circulations from the outdoors.
In a sentence: go back to 1957, in the new House Construction techniques!

there. my 5 cents worth, to the ny times!
yes, i wonder.....

so many people so hermeticly seal their houses up, isolating themselves....from nature, from life...

I recall the SHOCK story about the couple who told me about how they bought a new condo and THEN they discovered that none of the windows could ever ever be opened! made for climate control, ya gotta have it 24/7/365!!
that is not the way to be......

everything is related to everything else, in every way. when you sever this, soon problems begin, i feel!
compartmentalized houses reflect, also, a compartmentalized person.
after death the Eye WILL be single, i have learned, and there will be no more "subcounscious" or comparmentalized inner self, all the boxes will be Onebox!