Monday, August 13, 2001

well I had a *very* intriging and somewhat disturbing Dream the other night!!

at the end of a series of otherwise somewhat "astral" dreams, i was led by some Guide-like person into a room. there was a blackboard on the wall, or perhaps it was like a very very large video screen, a sceen that filled the whole wall, maybe ten by ten feet in size.
what was on this screen was what looked like the planet Saturn, filling about one-fifth the sceen. the ring were seen near head on, where these rings were ALMOST, but not quite, seen from the ecliptic, the rings were seen directly overhead the "ring-equator".

now this instuctor then told me something: He referred to the Planet on the screen as he told me this statement....
"The Planet Jupiter is about to Flip over to its other side, immanently: Be Now Prepared"!

? ?
I have the Planet Jupitor nearest my rising sign, astrologically, but in the 12th house.
all my planets are on one side of the chart, also.

[i have to give the astrological background as probably it has to do with the interpetation of my dream!]

so what does this Teacher refer to? Jupiter has no real rings and it will not "flip"!
obviously a symbol of something in me. Jupiter is an important planet to me, why there was a dream years ago that infered that Jupiter and pluto, with me, is inferring something with the Timing of my Death!
{ a secret of dream interpetation, sports fans...base the symbol code upon prior dream occurances of that
"something" that needs interpeting! If you dream of "apples", say, look to see what part apples played, in your other past dreams]
so thus "jupiter" has to do with my eventual dying, the Timing of it.
the teacher is warning that i have no "eventual"....the "Jupiter" will flip, the Orentation will flip over to
the "other Side"...very very soon and that i must become "Prepared"...not Tomorrow, but NOW!!

---yet ANOTHER warning that i will soon leave the earth sphere....

there was a modern follower of Carl Jung who was a Jungian Theripist. she discovered, in the years of clients and their counselings, that many of them gave their first dreams to her at the beginning of the theriphy sessions; these dreams were Indicative of the Problems that they came for.
However...some of these patients soon died after the months of counselings.
This counselor soon found that the dreams of these soon-to-die patients PREDICTED the oncoming death, even if the patient was in good health and at a fairly young age!
she wrote a book of these dreams and the patients who soon died, her thesis, in her book, was that many people have uncounscious knowledge of their oncoming deaths.

would YOU want to know, sports fans [any reader of this weblog!!]
of your death-to-come? would you like to know about a year in advance so that you could become readier for it? I could see it in my ailing father, the signs...
three to six of us, the relatives, had Dreams of helping him to get ready to die....

then there was that ever-famous photo of father Dudley and his sister Ruth, the photo of the two of them at thanksgiving dinner with a Painting on the wall between them, taken about 7 or 8 years before his death. the painting was done by her husband, of a barn, husband's farm barn, a painting done from a newspaper photo OF that barn, taken by a reporter. [ he painted the picture of the barn with the newspaper clipping on the table as a guide]
the painting of this barn showed about 7 or 8 fenceposts casting long long winter shadows upon the ground, at winter sunset.
On the back of this clipping was a weather map, the temperature of upstate ny was "14 dgrees"---that was the year of dudley's birth...1914.
there was a large word next to the map
at the bottom of this backside of the barn photo clipping was the beginning of the "death notices[obituary] column. but the only word that could be seen was the huge word

"forcast; death------in 7 or 8 years"

that was the messege of this picture for the relatives......but then again my mother had a vision back in 1965 or so...
her dream told her..."that she would die in ten years with a red sports car coming into her lane at dusk...but that her husband, dudley, would live until he was 72"!!
she dies at The Appointed Time, right down to the color of the car, and thus the dream and the photo of sister and dudley were Pointing To The Same Oncoming Event: his death.

---as i say...this gives to this journal, Quite an IF these dreams, for me, are Real...i may have six months to nine months more, here upon the earth!!