Wednesday, August 22, 2001

well, I am going to comment about the article that i just wrote about three hours ago. [ its the article below this one! ]

as i say, i spent many a morning and a quite a few meals too, in my hometown cafe in Interlaken, ny. the owner always had three or four girls working there, often their friends would come by. Girls about 18 to 25, usually with kids and NO husband. I wouls sit there and hear the same five to ten words each and every day.
jail...restrainting break down...parole....police...drunk.

every day, a pudding with the sauce of "anger' liberally applied and poured over....these ladies.

The Finger Lakes. this Interlaken is at the very heart of the finger lakes. a region of great beauty. This region is famous for the statesmen and women's rights leaders and the religions that were started there. People come from all over the world to see the deep lakes and the rolling hills and mountains.
the native Americans always believed this spot is where the Great White Spirit put his hand down upon the earth, where God mades contact with the suface of the earth!
oh the pretty clouds, the great vista-views, the wildlife, why one day, coming back on the bus, about 600 feet from the town
limits i saw a 80 acre field with about 6000 canadian geese standing in the field, with about twenty deer in the background, some with antler-racks six feet across!! i could have yelled, at that spot: the post office and the cafe could have heard me!!

I thought.
Too bad some of all that beauty and mystery and spirit could not get somehow INTO the hearts and souls of these ladies Who Bitch all the time! They seem to see none of it, none of any of this great pretty sky and wonderfull vistas of the lakes: all they can see is Pain Pain and they choose Pain with other Pain people! if even a bit of this spirit could become within them, why there would be Real Supernatural magic done here! if they had this "spirit
of the Finger Lakes" within them, why that would have them be able to see it outside of them even the better! Too, they would ATTRACT the people and events to them, by "like attracts like".

the very vibration of this, in them, would draw good events, wonderfull people, to them. Let alone wanting to be near things and people who would rapport in kindred to this spirit of beauty--truth--love! they would let go of all the negative things and reach out for a better way of living. like a magnet, drawing.
yes, if they could get that "spirit of the Finger Lakes" into their hearts and souls----
but that is the Indian's Great White Spirit"! this is what is suppossed to be the indweller of the Finger lakes!
translation for us americos.....
the Lord!
they would have to accept that God is Real and that all of the Associations with God are also real, like of heaven and personal Survival
and the like...If they could do that, then they could claim that for themselves!
A Real Good Place to begin this, is to have these ladies accept his Son JESUS into their hearts and souls, thusly their lives!
then He would be their essence of "the Finger lakes" and His own essence, the Holy Spirit, would radiate outward from them and draw a better life towards them as they in turn are drawn to reach out for a happier, more Loving, way of livings!