Monday, August 06, 2001

well i am back from my Macdonald's now...back to the library, the only dry place in town. yes, my normal nice cafe is closed, in the storm...

I lived in Thaca new york, back in the 70s. i lived only a few blocks from the ever
famous Moosewood Resturant, that wonderfull vegie food Co-operative resturant. I ate there maybe once per week. maybe twice.
i could not afford to eat there regulary.
not the cost i mean by that....!!

my body could not afford it.
Moosewood fed my soul, with its homecooked vegeterian food. but i had also more importantly to feed my body! there was a diner around the corner, very *very* conservative almost neo-nazi in politics, but they had thick jucy slabs of real pork roast and roast beef and thick potato home-fries.
feed my body, before my soul, i ate there mostly. About six buildings down from moosewood.
one half of the regulars belonged to the john birch society [really!!]. strickly 1948 decor and 1949 people.
people who were LIVID over that paved over main street where there was now green and benches and art festivals and music!! they vowed never to set foot in that mall!! The 5pm regular-est customer was the vice-president of the local chapter of the Birch society.

so why?!
why did I do this, submit to "body over soul"?!

why would i be sure to have boots before the hike?!
why would i have a good car before a long trip.
why would i have a good foundation under my house before i even begin to build it?!
.......that foundation is even MORE important than the house on top of it, of course.
gotta have a healthy body before the soul can Come On Its Own!
[the secret meaning of the grail Cup revealed!! the cup must be there first in order for Spirit to be thus contained within it! HOW in heck can one become "saved' unless there is a "YOU {ego} there first?!
How can you face God face-to-face, some far off day, unless you first grow a face?!]

there is something Mysterious , i find, about the "world"! I find that i have to live here FIRST before i go on to heaven....
maybe i can cease my ramblings by quoting someone....
he says...this writer,
"it is said that we Americans are too worldly, too materialistic. I say that it is the opposite: that we all are too too UNworldly! for we do not live in the world, and we should be more earthy. Just look at all the resturants where people seem not to go to eat! the food is terrible! why if people actually went to a place to taste the food and enjoy the senses...why half the resturants would very soon go out of business! no one notices the sunsets, they all are living in their heads as they walk, absorbed in their heads, along the evening sidewalks!"