Wednesday, August 01, 2001

tis amazing how i can come to this terminal with two hours and yet by the time i get to blogger to write, there is ten minutes left!
---so much, there is, one can be interested in, in this life!

I can well see how this guide said, through a medium, somewheres back in the 70s....."this age is such an age that souls stand in line waiting to Incarnate , there are so so many who want to come to experience the freedom and the opportunities to grow in soul and spirit, now!

yes, i can sit in barnes and Nobles coffee place and hear the accents of the table people, people from all over the world doing things that many could not do in the 1950s.

this is an exciting age to live in and i can see why the stress as we all do as much as we can, family and home and marrage be damned!
in new york, the farmers say..."make hay while the sun shines"! tomorrow there may be earth changes or wars or Depressions.

or cancer/heart attack!
your own very personal end times, your own personal rapture!
that wheel can come off that truck and it crashes into your lane into your car at 60 mph, full of gasoline and the Big Fire toast ya to ashes, on the Bypass interstate!

Time is up, turn in your papers now, to the front row; no more study or tests....walk out into the open air heavenly sunshine and Await your Test Results, in the Park!!