Friday, August 17, 2001

This morning i came to my usual "uptown cafe" at about 7: 40, only to find that one of the student helpers was just unlocking the door!
should have been someone there at 6 am! the student helpers, about three or four of them, should have had all the prep work done. I duly noted that there was talk yesterday there about the "all night party" that was to come.

yes, ever since my FSU 1960 dorm days....THURSDAY is THE party night!

well, i do not put down parties, but hey!
brings to mind, to me, just how the actions of a person can easily affect the lives of 1500 people, within a day! by them party-ing, there is carryouts that were not delived at all, as on friday that cafe sends out dozens of "breakfast platters", by 7:30 am, to state offices and to other city offices. then there are the regular customers. thus these 3 or 4 kids negatively affected the lives of maybe 100 to 300 people, by 8 am!
Sermon! warning follows!---
we are all interconnected and what ever you say , do, or even think and feel, will affect people around you! the ripples go out from your dropped stone in the pond out, out, out. why even coming to a cafe table and sit there depressed will affect each and every customer at the tables around you.
If you are a "opener' of a cafe and you decide not to come in just "because", you will keep customers from having their morning coffee and breakfast, souring their morning. In turn, THEIR bad attitude, due to their missing their coffee, will in turn be passed onwards, to their clients and their co-workers, for hours and hours...
can you imagine a court giving a "stronger sentencing" to a convicted "criminal" just because someone did not show up when they were suppossed to to open up and start the coffee, at the cafe across from the court house! the Jury and judge were in a bad mood: no coffee or donuts!! thus this criminal had to spend another four years in jail! his wife gets a divorce and now the three kids reap that divorce: the wife lost patience, after a few years of his sentence, a sentence that was "too long" for her to wait.
Three kids now suffer "BECAUSE" a person did not "feel" like coming in that morning!!
---the dominoes just keep on falling, the ripples go out and out.
From my living in my little home town of 600 people, i saw how one person could affect the lives of all 600, within days!!