Monday, August 20, 2001

there was an intriguing article in the Times about "Las Vegas and Gambling"
the article says that in effect the City Commision has studied the results of the income generated by gambling and they were amazed....gambling has fallen to number two, on the income generating list, for the city! Las Vegas and gambling is number two?!!
just what is number One?!


people go to vegas to shop.

this times article went on to say that THEIR studies have indicated that over 60% of all people
interviewed say that their primary reason for their vacations is to go just to shop.

For a moment, i had trouble with this!!
I knew that we as a people were "Materialistic" but this takes the cake! i agree with the Times in their assessment...reminds me of this Ithaca, ny, hippie lady who i saw one day having a yard sale to "lighten her load", she had 60 to 80 feet of rope between trees to support that 70 feet of solidly packed coathangered clothes. this was only what she had decided to clean out, she was not moving: her "good stuff" she kept!

then I realized the irony of we all shop till we drop. how i would have to AGREE with all of this "materialisms"!!

High School Art Class---would ya want to go up, at the beginning of the school year, the very first day of Class, and get from the teacher's supply room, ten colortubes of pigments, or one hundred tubes of one hundred shades of pigments....for your Art projects for the year-to-come?!
would you want to paint you pictures with ten different colors or one-hundred unique colors?!
EACH of the "shopped items" that you buy, could become a means to grow your soul into Expressions...
that new software...that new dress that actually IS the one dress that brings a particular man into your life...that book that turns out to be "life changing", when read....that poster that you buy to hang on the wall in your dormroom and it inspires you to actually GO to England for Summer School, in the student exchange program, that summer!....

thus each and every thing that is bought, can be a means to grow your soul...

Tools that are turned back Into The Supply Room at the End Of the Day, when the life is over.
tools that are used for something, not as an end in themselves.
USE, not Attachment, is the Way......I find!