Wednesday, August 08, 2001

so many weblogs, so little time....

as i understand heaven, now....
in heaven time is really really different. i would know to the depths the meaning of "Eternity"!!

as---if i were to be talking to someone and right in the middle of the conversation, someone else were to come up to me and introduce himself and then i want to know him....why i could just walk away in midsentence and go LIVE with this guy and share life experiences for months and months and months---and when i finally leave him and go back to the first guy, why i can complete that sentence that i broke, as NO time has elapsed in this first person's reality at all.
thus i could relate to 1000 people in a matter of seconds, spending years and years with that 1000 people!!
sorta like a ten foot length of paper, at RIGHT ANGLES that sheet is 1/10th of an inch thick.
there is an infinity, probably, of "right angles' in heaven.