Thursday, August 23, 2001

a small sad day.

but i Expected this!!

[I sent out the last two days entries to four friends and to three or four other newsgroups]
----where i said,
"">>[8/22/2001 7:19:32 AM | freestone wilson]
I had an interesting experience at the cafeteria yesterday!!

seems as i went down the line, where I ordered my roast beef, i chose to tell the server that "i want
please for the gravey to be put in a dish on the side". I got an interesting reaction from her! >>""

I got one reply back. here it that reply!

[[freestone: you sound like you are a very sensitive
person and have great qualities. you could be a
healer someday which will be greatly needed in the
times to come. just one thing, you said that you
ordered "roast beef." you speak of all the beauty and
peace all around you but don't you realize the
suffering, pain and violence that goes into animal
slaughter. and that you literally eat those subtle
vibrations along with the physical flesh and blood?
animals suffer so much and we have no right to take
their lifes simply for the gratification of the
tounge. i beg you to consider this and take the next
step into a higher consciousness of purity and
humility. thank you.]]

this is why I may *really* move back to my rural upstate country and spent time awalking the Alone Roads. yes i agree with the "vibes" of the "dead Meat" and the horrors of the slaughterhouse, but what about the server who was angry?!
---A_N_D what about the vegetarian place that i went to once where ALL of the help and the owner was ANGRY??!!
I eat anger 100 different ways, daily....wanna eat some anger up to the eyeballs in .0034 seconds?
why just take a walk on the sidewalk next to a six lane street, a main street, in a big city, at rush hour!!
Rage Rules. i always get angry by the time i walk a block or two...i actually find that in this ever-growing tallahassee, i do not like to take walks anymore as *every* street has cars on it; people in a hurry and angry/impatient! on that rural Seneca County road, there was a certain house that i could not meditate near and about 300 feet in each direction. pyschic field, see. every rural home emits a field of aura vibrations from those who live there. i am more sensitive there in the country. here in a city it is like trying to listen to 59 radio stations on the same dial-frequency at once!

anyway...this critic: she is saying.."if ONLY you. freestone, would come around to MY way of experiencing spirit, then you would be OK and you are NOT ok, now! Probably Jesus ate meat.
what DOES this lady DO as that salad she eats is Shrieking in Agony as her teeth crunch through those LIVING cells of the green salad leaves?! cooked meat is "dead flesh". all vegie food is "alive" just as the vegetarians SAY it is!! eating alive food means that you KILL it as you eat it.
but really. my own Path seems to be an order of difference, an octave greater, of "difference"
than most of the differences between people on spiritual paths! really really different!!
like: how Jesus can be real but the Churches that formed around Him, often are dead and are full of dogmic judgements upon the belivers who differ.

as the native American the deer as he shoots that arrow through its heart..."i thank you brother for providing your life to keep my life going"!

yes, you will no doubt, reader, if you follow my a really really different worldview from what is out there...from me!