Friday, August 24, 2001


back in january of 1982 i had a dream. might as well say that "a dream had me", as this dream was a strange one!
without my actually having to describe it, this dream was of a story, of me going to a house of a past life in india and then to a ashram building. a story is mad up, in dreams, of images. images connecting to make the story. but those images!
they were of buildings, a fountain, certain SPEFIC images, like of from a camera: specifc places.

each and every picture in this dream, without exception, were of places that i WOULD see, months and years later!!
1982. january 1982, this is when i had this....while living with my sister near Asheville, N. C. she did not know i did not know that i would be living in texas in a year, working in *that* particular building that was in the dream!
nor in a certain city with its fountain in 1990.
or in a certain one-of-a-kind house in my home town in 1994....THAT house that was in my dream.

what does this say about free will?.....let alone CLAIRVOYANCE as being real?!!

free will; my gardejef friend might say that i have repeated the very same life over and over again; just remembering.
no....not that.

and no...i will not try to Explain, here....
but oh the Mystery of it, dreaming of places that i will live in for the next 20 years! actually the last image came true in 1990, but there was that Contestant with the number "20" on his back as i guess a contestant number, in the dream sequence!!

Interesting. on december 5 of 2000 i had ANOTHER dream of my future life to come....a long long dream showing picture images of what is to come...just like the 1964 and 65 dreams of what my air force would look like, even before i arrived in basic training!
only in THIS one, the dream began as i stood at the entrance to heaven! my very first moment in heaven....and the dream showed my progress through perhaps some of the first few months there.

interesting comparison.
the very very first image of the 1982 dream was a housetrailer! i saw that same housetrailer a mile down the road, several months later.
the next image was that of a building in Dallas texas, the place that i would be working at, in a year, and in the dream itself this building was SYMBOLIZED to be in heaven...[texas = heaven, in my dream symbol table!]
thus that trailer was already "there" when i dreamed it...1982. but the trailer was the last earthly image in the sequence!

interesting...I am living in a trailer NOW and was in dec of 2000. thus the "next image, 20 years later IS of a building in heaven and that timing would put it somewhere around nov 2001 to may of 2002: one year, more or less....I had not thought of this until today!
BIG DREAMS have lyers and layers of meanings, multiple meanings. there was one year between the 1982 dream and the texas i have one year from 2001?!!

so does this mean that the two dreams...1982 and 2001...are linked in a 20 year cycle?!
and that each image is an octave of one another, one level up! thus in "one year' from the dream...i will be living in a building that is in year from the 2001 dec 5 dream, give or take a number of that first 1982 image was of a house trailer ON EARTH [across a bridge from the past life place!] and i am living IN a house trailer now....

number xxx experience that keeps giving to me the same news....over and over......keep tuned!!