Wednesday, August 29, 2001

reminded of a story i heard back in 1970s....

I heard this aquantaince tell it from his OWN experience, i believe him.....I believe that he was telling the truth....
strong stuff, here, about "the human condition".....brace yourself!!!

he was getting his teaching degree at florida state. maybe around 1978. as part of this degree, he had to do a semester of actually going to a high school to practice-teach...internship.
the state of Georgia had a handshake agreement with florida to have these kids go to rural schools for this internship [tallahassee is 30 miles from the ga. border.]
so he had just come back from his four months of this, in a rural georgia black school.

this is what he said.......
small county. two high schools, one white, one black and he was sent to the black school to help teach 8th grade. the Commissioners warned him to immediately leave the county after school and do not even stop to get gas...for his own protection! when he arrived at the school, he learned that most of the school-money was slurped off by the administrators....

8th grade. he could hardly even talk to the students, they came from another age...and maybe only about 3rd grade in skills. most of them believed that "it was a tv filmstunt" that man was on the moon"!
what really really got to this guy was that he soon learned that MOST of these kids did not believe that man could fly!! surely all the small planes flying over head would convince, he one day he Arranged to have them all go by school bus to the Albany munincipal airport, a city of 50,000, and this is a regular airport. he had them all watch planes take off, walk on a tour of a airplane...etc..etc...
when he got on the bus, later...they were angry at him as he was not buying them supper...
he says to them...about 30 to 40 kids...."but i took you all here to see airplanes and that man can fly and bought you hot dogs out of my own pocket for lunch"!

"whaadya cant fly!!"

turned out NONE of them were convinced that man could fly!!!!!

this teacher's world crumbled!
he knew, now, that it was far far FAR too late, for these kids: they were set in concrete when they
were ten...were seven....maybe even as they came out of the womb, if not before!! even if they saw a flying plane, or were even ON one...they would not be convinced! they would "graduate" with maybe a third grade education, spend their whole lives in the county doing manual labor, have ten kids...and each kid will grow up the same...AND if this here "new age" thing had not occurred, this raising of counsciouness in the 1960s---1990s, this county would remain unchanged until the sun turned into a clinker at Solar Old Age!!

Imagine someone who can never understand that "man can fly" even if he sees an airplane land and men get out of it! never! for his whole life.

seeing is NOT convincing, for this person. his world is Set. period.
[surely Things are different, now, for the kids in this county, hopefully?!]

I wonder what "Man cant fly" lurks in my head heart and soul? Probably there are many Many
such! Attitudes and thoughtpatterns set in steel and Iron, that i do not know about.
I have seen others....just Ask your average Intellectual college leftist professor about "psychicness" and watch the explosion of a redneck Doing His Thing!!
a working definition!
A redneck is someone who sees just a tiny piece of reality and he thinks, feels, that this piece is the whole thing, there IS no more to it.
then he gets all emotional, in anger and denial, if you try to tell him that there IS yet more to reality than that little peice that he sees!
Just ask a "company CEO or college professor, who is from New York or Los Angeles" about the "afterlife" and you better stand way way back as the fireworks go off!!
----see the "southern redneck" in his species habitat, doing his Programmed Respose!!