Monday, August 06, 2001

rain rules today!
here in Tallahassee with that tropical storm....5 inches?...8 inches?: who knows!!

--the slightest of ironic bitterness from freestone, here!
Macdonald's will probably be for my lunch, the Place To go when all other places close! all the "good" places to eat, of "homecooked food and good vibes" are
"tender"!! like it or not: Junk Food Rules!

what i mean by that word "tender' that under any DURESS they close! the staff goes home, no one can drive to open, the building shuts...etc..etc.. tropic storms and snows and blizzards cancel! but Macdonalds marches onwards...why i read that in some major cities Macdonalds IS the Civil Defense emergancy food bank place, for Distribution in case of Emergancies!
---one cheeseburger.....coming up, as the rain falls in buckets buckets!

people up north Have No Idea What Rain is....come to this city if ya wanna know!
once i saw a wall of water eat a girl, running franticly to try to outrun a oncoming squall! the front of this squall was a literal wall of second between a sprinkle and "drench"!
i can still recall seeing one leg sticking out of that wall of water as it ate her....when this wall of water got to the building i was in, i could only see about two feet into it! probably soaked her to the skin in two seconds and then filled her pocketbook up to the brim in ten....with 524 seconds left to go and five hundred feet to anywhere of shelter, for this poor girl!!