Thursday, August 09, 2001

A quiet day. All the college kids are gone, between summer school and fall. the mental Noise is gone!
being a ole psychic empath has given to me a richness of sensings, but oh the Price for it! All the mental/emotional states of the people around me bleed into me! I can feel the depressions, say, of someone at the next table over. I have TWO options in the matter. One---I can leave. Two---I can go over to the table and talk with him and enable healing to be done. there is no "third" option, which would be to ignore or shield this pickup of his depression, like all the "advice" of the counselors give!
Because for me to cease the pickup is to NOT FEEL at all, as it is pretty near that there is ONE entity here, not two!

tis amazing how i can sit next to a person who is physically calm, but i feel very very "antsey" picking up his restless state.

to cure the depression in me, with his presence, that depressed person next to me, i would have to cure him!