Thursday, August 16, 2001

I got to thinking about these Dreams that are getting Ever The Insistant! These dreams frankly are telling me the same Messege, over and over and over, in different ways, much like of a large Onion that is sliced where each and every slice shows a different part of that onion; but it is the one onion. And these dreams are yelling to me ever the more stridently!!
my "onion"?
that i have less than a year to live!!

Whoa here!!
I have had these types of Dreams before and indeed some major life event occurred: the "Death" was Symbolic-only, a major life-change, where something had to die and something New was born.
Is THIS series of the same?
But the Tone of the Dreams are Different, a whole level of Signifigence different!

I like that phrase..."sign the peace treaty but keep your gunpower dry, in storage"!
Thus i accept the real strong possibility of dying, in the next 6 to 10 months, but also accept that i may not...and Go off to a whole new way of life, here, on earth...probably will be a MAJOR life change, though...move away from tallahassee, never never to return, if i were to live!! my favorite city of 41 years of living in, on and off...move away for Good!

As i ruminated, here, before, i found that my life runs in certain year cycles. there IS a Indicator, right AT the first life cycle, where "i was to die and do not"!! just before i was to come to freshman college, here at FSU, that summer...the local Minister, in Interlaken, asked me to "come to Canada with him on the Church Canoe Trip, to help him oversee the Younger boys, to become His Right hand Man, in leadership, for the summer"
Mom told me "NO"!! she said that i had about 12 dental appointments before college and they Must be Kept!! Revenend Black actually came down to talk to my mother to try to sway here to change her mind to let me come with him to Canada! Mom held her Ground. He went to canada without me, maybe finding someone else to take My place, I had lots of dental appoinments that summer, instead!!

Over the years, i found that "canada" in dreams, represented the afterlife.
As i have told others, about this the Lord wanted me to be a Counselor to help Him
with the younger souls who arrive in heaven, after i die, but MOTHER Wins!! mother earth, the Need for a long life transcends even the Spirit Wishes for me to "come Home" and to do my calling up there, working with the incoming young souls. [I have actually read spirit Guide's accounts of how a long life is actually more important than near anything else if there is not a NEED, karmicly, to die at a younger age.]
Maybe this time, this cycle, where my Never-Failing Dreams Give to me the News..."prepare now"....perhaps "Mom will Win"!! I will continue to live and probably in this one, i will live till my genes wear out.....some of my male relatives lived into their late 80s, the ladies until the late 90s, i would have perhaps 20 to 30 more years yet!
Interesting, if "mom wins" though!!
[the makings of a Novel, here!!]
for if she "WINS", this means that some other spirit will take my "office" there, in the afterlife, and when i finally arrive, I will do something else instead.
all my relatives and spirit-friends all get everything prepared for my arrival in heaven and i do not show up!
I remain on earth, jamming up Everything that they do! when i eventually DO arrive, maybe in 25 years, there is not even anyone there to greet me except the "angel" that has as her Service, to greet the alone-people-without-greeters! maybe THAT is what i can do, become one of the greeters of alone souls: let the actual Counseling "jobs" go to much much more Advanced spirits!!
anyway...what an interesting Karma! the ultimate "revolutionary"! An Old Soul who remains on earth beyond his time of Homecoming so that all of the Pre-birth, preplannings, for the Heavenlife, of that returning Old Soul....are overthrown, as he remains on earth: he is missing from the spot that he is to occupy in heaven, someone else has to fill that spot. He remains on earth for years and years. maybe like almost a new incarnation, a whole new Incarnation, in the same body, as "mom wins". when he finally arrives into the afterlife, he finds that the "career" that was set for him, there, when he was suppossed to have died, has long been filled by others; there is no place for him thus Spirit finds something new, instead, for him to do.

thus, even if i have to move to some remote city, in june or august of 2002, i will visit the public library from time to time to post to this weblog journal, assuming blogger is also still alive! but i may have like a whol new incarnation, in the same body, if this August of 2002 sees me still here!